Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Vacinations / Autism.

Tom's Journal.

   Maybe now with the new POTUS,  President Donald Trump,  we can send, read, study, pass on total Truth in our thoughts and minds,  with less fear of 'Big Brother' censoring our email, etc.   I hope so !   It's kind of like we are out free from Gulag.   
    But we ought to know that we still must have some restraints as a civilized, modern, Moral, People !  And not everything that we all want is going to be passed, approved, OK'd by Pres.  Trump !   The Bible says:   'There is wisdom in a multitude of councilors.'  Pres, Trumps KNOWS that he cannot possible be an expert in EVERYTHING.... although he certainly is an expert in many things.   So, like all smart, humble people,  he has searched for the good, true, smart, experts in all the different fields that lend to good, solid, smart Governing !   I would do the same thing, and I learned that when studying Finance in North Chicago, back in the early 1990's.   The head man/ leader in our company used to tell us in the meeting room:  "If you were looking for a smart Jewelry expert, you wouldn't go to a plumber !"   What ever you do in life, or seek out,  go to the EXPERT in that field.  Simple.   And we had to read many different prescribed books on Finance, laws, rules, famous people, etc.  We also had to pay big money to attend lectures, talks, continuing education, lasting like 12 hours dead on your butt !  'Free your mind -- and your butt [ass]  will follow.'   Right across the street from our "shop" was,  Popeye's Chicken !  What was really great was that North Chicago was also Great Lakes Training Station [U.S. NAVY].    So we have lots of nice Sailors on board, at PFS.,  smart people that I loved to get along with, and we all did !   I learned SOOOO much at that place, and company !  The boss man liked me a lot.  He said that I was his hero. 

Personally,  I firmly believe that there is sound evidence [covered up my Big Pharma, and our corrupt Gov't under Obama-oink] that there is something wrong and dangerous with our babies developing  AUTISM,  from vaccination shots ! !   My sister, Linda, just happen to have her last child develop Autism, and she later became the President of the National Autism Society for a number of years,  so we all have our own opinions,  as you read the finding lower in this multi-subjected article.   Greed for money and power can be so strong !! 

H.R. donates lab testing to Native American lands impacted by oil pipelines
Mike AdamsOil pipelines are the safest way to transport oil, but they're not without failures. Sometimes, those failures lead to large environmental impacts.
Sadly, the EPA is now openly colluding with corporations to cover up environmental crimes. So I'm announcing the donation of laboratory testing of the water supplies for Native American communities across America... especially the ones impacted by oil pipelines.
Click here for my full announcement and details.
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POTUS- Trump's New Gun Laws.

Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,
Isn't it strange how every day life can switch over night ---from one day sour grapes,  to the next day FREEDOM, PEACE and Security ? !
    I know that I should NOT let my guard down to much in these violent days, as I try to be more self sufficient rather than rely on any Gov't promise or system/ agenda.   But I can truthfully say that I am really more happy, and every day brings another GOOD surprise from the Trump W.H. !   PTL.   And we all pray that sooner or later the criminals and law breakers, no matter what their celebrity status, will be brought to Justice, like everyone else.   Those are the real 'Holidays' that I celebrate !

---Tom  Schuckman

President Trump Readies Pen to Reverse Anti-gun Executive Orders

Please click on the Take Action button to contact the White House. Thank President Trump for moving to repeal Barack Obama's "gun hobbyist gun ban" as a priority item.

Not a GOA member yet? You can join Gun Owners of America today for only $20!

Dear Thomas:
In one of the first pro-gun actions of his administration, President Donald Trump is expected to shortly move to revoke Barack Obama's illegal actions to effectively outlaw gun collecting.
Obama's anti-gun "executive action" was announced on January 6, 2016 -- in the wake of Obama's unsuccessful attempt to scapegoat law-abiding gun owners for the actions of a Muslim terrorist in San Bernardino.  
Obama's action was implemented as a "clarification" because he knew that his lawless moves could never pass muster under the rule-making procedures of the Administrative Procedures Act.
Under Obama's now-moribund "clarification," a gun owner could have been imprisoned for up to five years and fined $250,000 for "only one or two [firearms] transactions," according to a White House fact sheet.
Note that, under Clinton, tens of thousands of licensees lost their licenses because they didn't have "brick-or-mortar" stores.  Now, in a Clinton/Obama Mutt-and-Jeff routine, Obama proposed to imprison hobbyists who didn't have licenses because the government refused to issue licenses to them.

Hence, a hobbyist who bought a firearm one day and sold it the next day at a profit could go to prison for five years. Obviously, the intent was to create such a cloud of ambiguity that gun owners would refrain from constitutionally protected activity (private firearms sales), for fear that they would run afoul of Obama's amorphous rules.
Tragically, in some cases, Obama's unlawful actions had exactly the intended effect.
But, thanks to President Donald Trump, Obama's unlawful action will soon be repealed -- as one of the priority actions of the incoming administration. 
Gun Owners of America is optimistic that this is only the first in a series of Trump actions overturning illegal Obama actions.  We are also asking for Trump administration action:
  • Removing the U.S. from the Anti-Gun UN Arms Trade Treaty;
  • Repealing bullet and gun import bans going from Obama back to George H. W. Bush's semi-auto import ban;  
  • Repealing the suspension of health privacy laws with respect to gun owners;
  • Repealing executive actions encouraging doctors to inquire about gun ownership and to enter this information into a federal health database;
  • Restoring gun rights for 257,000 law-abiding veterans;
  • Repealing Obama's efforts to strip Social Security recipients of their guns, merely because a guardian processes their checks.
There is an old joke that goes: "What do you call 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?  Answer:  A good start."
The work of restoring the Second Amendment to its God-given status has only just begun.

But the important thing is that it has begun.


Tim Macy

P.S. The work of restoring lost ground on the Second Amendment has only just begun. Please take action encouraging President Trump to repeal ALL of Obama's (and others') anti-gun