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Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Norwegian: 

Og i USA, vi hører at befolkningen i Norge er ikke så plaget av den islamske lovløse, vold og seksuelle overgripere, som i Sverige og Tyskland, fordi restaurangen Norsemen bruk bedre standarder for beskyttelse av storinnrykk av islamske Invaders, som også kommer i å suge den offentlig/statlig, velferd, bryst av National Treasure. Som jeg har sagt før, i Amerika vi allerede vet at de fleste nordmenn er smart, fine, hardtarbeidende, ærlige folk! Og disse typene er mest velkommen i Amerika. Det britiske folket har kåret til å ta ansvar for landet sitt og begynner å sparke ut slike uønskeligheter som bare søker å raps, skade, drepe, og plyndrer England, osv. De mer Europa henger igjen og limps over den 'riktige å gjøre, jo vanskeligere vil det være å forskyve den utenlandske trussel og inntrengerne. Jeg håper at Gud blesses det opprinnelige folket i Norge !
---Tommy Schuckman

Hi Friends,
     As I have said before,  I like this Christian author/ brother, so much,  because we both seem to be on the 'same page,' all the time !   We both have our personal radio sets tuned in to the same channel, and we speak the same language !    He automatically starts cheering me up, even before I start readying his post !   It's like going to your very favorite restaurant,  where they treat you special and serve you the very best, fresh, food in the world !!   And you are going to waddle out their door very happy and content.   Like Carlos' Cantina in Iron Mtn., Michigan.     

Well, Folks,  you have heard me preach about Survival stuff, and Prepping work, Investments, etc.,  and now in the dead of Winter we are also having tornadoes in the USA !   How does one cope with below zero air Temperatures without a roof or walls that were blown down and scattered ?   If you have relation or family not too far away,  fine.  But what if you are alone, without much money to stay at any motel or hotel ?   What if the 'church' you attend are just,  CINO's or false Christians, and refuse to render assistance ?    Ha !  I was in such circumstances a few times in my life, and I can never forget them !   I was so poor and homeless one time that I had to sell all my guns.   
     Sure, there are civilized "Rules" in life, marriage, at work, etc.,  and being the head of the family is not always easy.   Being the Platoon leader is not always easy, and in the heat of battle, we can all make critical mistakes....   and we have to live with them.   But switch shoes with the man or woman in command for a while and see how well YOU do !   You just cannot ever please EVERYBODY all at the same time !   And... Democracy is not a PERFECT form of Law,  because 'Figures don't lie -- but liars can figure.'   There are sneaky accountants, attorneys, weasels, who can sneak in and perverts the Law, and Justice.   Just look at the goofy, low life, "Judges" lately that threw a 'Monkey Wrench' into Presidents LEGAL E.O. to temporarily halt the import of possible terrorists from 7 different, messed up countries in the Middle East !  
     It's all an attempt from the Lefty-Liberals-Socialists, to slow down Pres. Trump, as much as they can, so that he cannot succeed with his promises to clean up 'The Swamp,' and get the USA back into her groove, and up to speed....  before the SHTF !   Duh....   Because any time now the Chinese currency might over take and knock out the U.S. Dollar from being 'King of the Hill.'   And then we shall see what's it's like to be another Venezuvala  !!  I heard that they don't have many dogs and cats roaming the streets anymore....  go figure.

You know...  we Americans were so worried about the Federal FEMA Camps and total rioting/ violence, after 'the Storm' starts with Obama- dung heap.   But now the very same thing might happen with the good Pres. Trump at the helm.   If the bad, unruly, violent, Socialists, and Welfare Queens start to riot because they can't get their 'sugar fix' of Twinkies and street wine in the morning...  all hell might break loose,  and the Gov't will have to resort to stronger means to keep law and order.   Go figure,  again.   
      Confidentially,  I think that Pres. Trump is also relying on the good, law abiding, Pro- 2nd Amendment people in our country to help quell some of the lawlessness and violence, by protecting their hearth, home and loved ones.   What do YOU good people think ?  
     I am feeling kind of tired and lazy today,  but at least I finally did the dishes in the sink, and proud of myself !   --LOL.   Old Soldiers are not totally useless.
     I am not looking forward to getting my taxes done this year, and wish I had some help.   But I do think that I am starting to lose a few pounds because I am eating at home, instead of eating out.   Yet,  it's still difficult for me to just cook for ONE person, at home.   It was different with I had 3 kids and a wife at home.   Well,  I have a good variety of fruit at home and plenty of food, too.   I should be thankful.   And I am now starting to drink some of the stored up V-8 vegetable juice that I have, instead of soda pop.    Watch out for the ICE outside !

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

February 10th, 2017
On last week's program, I discussed President Trump's executive order establishing a temporary ban on persons entering the United States from seven nations -- all hotbeds of terrorism, sponsors of terrorism, or involved in civil wars that have terrorist combatants.

It had caused quite an uproar. Protests were staged at U.S. airports. Some were led by immigration rights organizations and groups who are paid by the federal government to resettle refugees.

The New York cab drivers protested, too. They said the temporary ban made them targets for retribution. But they only stopped picking up passengers at JFK for an hour, then it was back to work.

Shortly after I recorded that program, a U.S. District Judge in Seattle, Washington, issued a nationwide restraining order that blocked the President's travel ban.

Incredibly, he didn't dispute the President's very clear authority to issue the order. He really couldn't. The law is very precise and previous Presidents, including Obama, have done precisely what President Trump did. The judge just said that he thought "there's no support" for the idea that "we have to protect the U.S. from individuals" who reside in the countries on that list.

In other words, he said that in his opinion the President didn't make a wise choice in doing what he did. It wasn't necessary. So the judge just decided to order that the ban be lifted.

Many on the Left have tried to paint the temporary ban prohibiting travel into the U.S. from those specific nations as a "Muslim ban." Either they are terribly uninformed or they are lying. My vote goes for lying.

The seven nations on the list are Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Seven nations specified by the previous administration. It bans entry of all travelers from those nations, not just Muslims. The executive order doesn't even mention Muslims.

The five largest predominantly Muslim nations in the world are not on the list. Of the world's 1.7 billion Muslims, 90% are not affected by the temporary ban.

So how can anyone say with a shred of honesty that this is a "Muslim ban?" If you hear anyone in the government or the media call it that, you know they are doing so to advance their own agenda.

With the temporary travel ban, the President is simply pausing the immigrant admissions process for a short while so that the Department of Homeland Security can figure out ways to more safely allow people in those countries to come here. Each of the seven nations represent a unique vulnerability in U.S. security.

As things now stand, it is almost impossible to properly vet visa applicants from these nations. That's why DHS needs some time to devise new guidelines and procedures before the process resumes.

As President Trump told members of the U.S. Central Command, we don't want to import into America the very threats that our soldiers are facing on the battlefield.

Now, doesn't all of this sound reasonable? And responsible? We normal folks think so. But, apparently, members of the judiciary on the Left Coast (appropriately labeled, if you ask me) don't think so. Just yesterday, a panel from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco upheld the original judge's stay of the ban.

Once again, they found no fault with the President's authority to do this. (That makes me wonder how they would have responded to President Obama's order suspending these programs for six months if any Democrat state attorney-general had bothered to sue President Obama to stop his ban. Hmmm. Doesn't that make their motives sound a bit suspect? Just saying....)

Once again, the appeals court seemed to feel that the President's temporary ban might cause some inconvenience for a few foreign students studying at universities in the states of Washington and Minnesota. Never mind the President's unquestioned authority to do it or the danger some incoming "refugees" might pose to Americans.

Or never mind that President Carter completely banned the entry of all Iranians, then had the FBI hunt down and deport all Shi'ite Muslims from Iran and many Iranian students.

Of course, at that time the Muslim Brotherhood had not exerted several years of influence on a Presidential administration and the Democrats weren't so desperate to flood America with millions of questionable, military-aged immigrant men from the Middle East.

On top of that, we've had an additional 40 years of delusional, anti-American attitudes inculcated in our youth at America's colleges and universities.

So, the practical effect of the judge's nullification of the President's ban, and the appeals court refusal to overturn the stay, is that the rush is on for people traveling from those seven nations to get to America as quickly as possible. In fact, that is exactly what this New York Times headline proclaims: "Lifting of Travel Ban Sets Off Rush to Reach U.S."

Now, it's headed for the Supreme Court.

No one argues that the ban was not rather messy in its implementation. It was abruptly announced on a Friday afternoon. Lower-level officials were caught off-guard. Interpretation of the new order varied from location to location. It created confusion.

There were some unfortunate detentions, but in the end, everyone was allowed in and no one was detained for more than a few hours. In all, just a couple of hundred travelers (of more than 350,000 entering the country that day) were subject to the review and all were released.

Within a couple of days, many of the kinks had been worked out and it was announced that all valid "green card" holders either in the country, en route, or about to embark would be accepted.

But, to be fair, there was a compelling reason for the abruptness of the ban's announcement. To make something like this go smoothly, it would have to be publicly announced in advance. Seminars would need to be held to teach DHS and TSA personnel how to implement it. In other words, the very terrorists we are trying to prevent from entering the country would be notified well in advance just how much time they had to get into the U.S. before the welcome mat is yanked.

That sort of defeats the purpose of the whole operation. For the order to work, it had to be done without warning.

But the terror organizations needn't worry. The judges on the West Coast have your back. You now have plenty of time to get your stuff together and get over here before rational thinking is restored!

This week, too, I'll discuss what may be some softening of the new administration's backing of Israel's right to expand the settlements in Jerusalem. Also, our resolve to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. During the campaign, President Trump did not mince words. He would move the embassy.

But now, it seems to appear that the government may be walking that promise back a bit. Is it a return to the policies of previous administrations? Or, is it a decision not to add fuel to fires that are burning white-hot right now?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due to visit the White House in a few days. It will be interesting to see what emerges from those meetings.

Nevertheless, we should continue, as the Psalmist encouraged, to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem." [Psalms 122:6 KJV]

Finally, it may surprise you to learn that I was not born again as a full-grown, mature Christian. I started off as a baby in Christ. Just like you.

We are all works in progress. We are all continually "under construction." Simon, the vacillator, later became Peter, the rock. Saul, the legalist, became Paul, the champion of grace.

The process of pruning and cultivating continues day by day, season by season, until we go home to be with our Father.

This week, I will discuss the danger of "Galatiansim." That's the erroneous teaching that says God's grace covers all our failings up to the point that we are saved. But after that, we must live the Christian life by somehow mixing "grace" with "being good" to qualify for heaven.

The Apostle Paul was so upset by that teaching that he called the believers at Galatia "foolish!" He wrote to them: "Are you so foolish? Having begun by the Spirit, are you now being perfected by the flesh?" [Galatians 3:3 NASB]

I'm so glad that once we are born again into the body of Christ, we don't have to depend on our own devices to keep us there. We can fully trust the same grace that redeemed us to keep us.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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