Sunday, July 30, 2017

Wisconsin Company will Microchip Employees.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Norwegian: 

Hei venner,
jeg ville ikke tankene flyr til Norge for å se på severdigheter og nyte mat og øl. Jeg gjorde så mye reiser når jeg var yngre i min tidlig på 20-tallet, osv. etter at jeg kom ut av den amerikanske hæren, jeg ville bare sette seg ned og starte min egen familie. Mitt liv gikk OK, men jeg jobbet så veldig hardt i mange jobber, selv i vanskelige tider. Men far Gud velsignet meg i enden.
Og nå må jeg bare konsentrere seg om å være en god mann og mann. Hvis jeg stick i nærheten til Gud, se min KJV bibelen, og bed, håper jeg at den Hellige Ånd vil gi meg den kraftige styrke som jeg trenger for å holde ut til enden.
Min e-post adresse: -- jeg er også på Face bok, og jeg skriver bloggen min og legger den ut: TOM'S journal.
Varm hilsen
Thomas G Schuckman

Hello Friends and avid Readers of the World,
      We need to realize that our Father in Heaven is still the most Powerful Person in the Universe, and His promises are golden and true.    Really now..... with all the terrible, scary 'News' today, and some mentioned below, that I wanted to highlight, tonight,   studying the KJV Bible is the only way to hold on to one's sanity,  IMHO !    Frankly,  I personally, need every scrap of Scripture I can get my meat hooks on.    Now....  I am a man of action, and trained/motivated to get tons of important things done in one day, or one  week, even if I am somewhat disabled, and cannot walk too far anymore !   And I know a special lady who is a fine, gifted cook, great at canning foods, and an expert sewing person, too.    She is so hard working that I have to beg her to please sit down and rest for a while.    I firmly believe that the Lord has blessed me.

But please listen to the analogy and equation that I figured out....   If North Korea does manage to launch Nuclear Missiles at the USA  and/ or EMP devices,  that would mean that many REAL, Bible savvy Christians would also be in great danger of getting killed and injured, too.    In my humble opinion,  that all wouldn't work out if the Lord God Almighty promises to Rapture up the majority of Christians on Earth  before the SHTF.... before the starting of the Great Tribulation,  even though the first 3 and one half years are not  too traumatic --- but I don't plan to be here when that horrible time happens,  please Lord..    I am of the opinion that the Rapture could come now at any time, if God wills it.  
      I am in no way trying or suggesting to predict the day and hour of the Rapture,  friends.    I would not want to make a fool of myself where even angels fear to tread.   And yet,  I consider myself a "Prepper" or sorts, and like to stay well supplied, equipped, ready,  and invested in the right stuff.     I just invested in some "QuickClot" bandages,  sponges,  tourniquets,  to pack in my truck.... just in case some accident befalls me,  as I am now taking a prescribed 'blood thinner' Medicine from the local VAMC.    And now days there is foul, INSANE, treasonous  talk from the Lefty-Loonies about storming the WH  [White House] and ousting the legally elected, Pres.  Trump ! !    I just wonder if we can expect to see huge, violent riots this Summer.    You folks must know by now that all you need to do is to 'follow the money.'   And then you will trap the Dims-Lefties,  and George Soros and his ilk.   I am quite sure that George follows Satan's orders, as do the entire Democratic political party in the USA--- and Rhino's, too.    They live --- to oppose near everything that is good, natural and wholesome.    Sorry if that all sounds negative,  but I firmly believe that NASTY stuff COULD HAPPEN.  
    Just like we used to say over in Vietnam,  "Things are getting pretty hairy."
    Please continue to pray for me,  dear friends.    PTL.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

Jesus is Lord.

North Korea's missiles can now hit NYC, LA and Boston
Mike AdamsSeveral analysts have now confirmed that North Korea's ICBMs have achieved the altitude and velocity necessary to deliver nuclear strikes to about HALF the large cities of the United States.
Those cities now include Los Angeles, New York City and Boston.
As tensions escalate, a nuclear strike on a U.S. city -- or a high-altitude EMP attack that takes out the power grid -- becomes increasingly likely.
Click here for my full analysis, podcasts and videos.
Mother reported to child services for "oral neglect" for switching child’s dentist By Jayson Veley | Read the full story
Microchipping goes mainstream: Wisconsin company announces plan to chip employees By Isabelle Z. | Read the full story

'Rumors of Wars.'

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Romanian:

Salut prieteni din Romania,
am fost foarte placut surprinsa de alimentare înapoi şi de interes în ţara dvs., pentru persoana mea Blog: JURNALUL LUI TOM, si sper ca voi primi unele e-mail de la tine !
Am nascut in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, SUA, in iarna rece luna februarie, 1949, dar parintii mei au cumparat o mică fermă în care acelaşi membru când eram de vârsta 12, şi toate fraţii meu iubit şi se bucură de curate, proaspete de tara, si prosperat in "hard etica de lucru" agriculturii. Dar chiar am vrut sa participe la colegiul, totuşi nu am avut destui bani pentru studenţii.... aşa am infesta Armatei SUA în 1967 pentru a obţine un alt fel de educaţie." Am fost staţionate în Germania şi Vietnam inainte am fost varsta 20 si a invatat atat de multe despre diferite naţiuni şi culturi. În cele din urmă am ajuns sa asiste la colegiu mai târziu în viaţa mea, si invatat mai multe, dar ca ma încurajat să înceapă scrierea fusurilor, e-mail-uri, şi chiar au inceput sa dea crezare autobiografiei mele de scriere, în 1995, dar si a lucrat la şi de pensionari din motoarele Chrysler Corporation cu o pensie de bun venit/ $$$. Eu doar dragoste reuniune de oameni noi şi le ajută dacă pot.
Referitor la cald,
Toma G Schuckman
"Isus este Domnul."
: mea de e-mail

Today's Headlines

Can’t Hardly Wait on an open thread

A blast from the past on an open thread from my wild, reckless and dance-fueled yout

White House Backs House Bill To Crack Down On Asylum Fraud

The White House signaled Thursday that it will support a House Republican proposal to overhaul the U.S. asylum system, saying that stricter rules are needed to prevent fraud and abuse in the the asylum claims process.

Reince Priebus is OUT, John Kelly OUT at DHS

Thrilled Rence is OUTI He is a RINO and has never been team Trump. It is said he was leaking White House intel to the media.
I am not a fan of his replacement, John Kelly. I broke the story of John Kelly's writing love letter to terror supporter CAIR leader and vocal terror supporter Hasan Shibley. Now he's out at DHS. Good. He's replacing Priebus . At least he won't be in a national security position.

Another U.S. Imam Prays for the Destruction of Jews “Wake up! It’s time to be a Muslim.”

This is not exceptional. It is in accordance with the teachings of the Quran. What is exceptional is that these recordings (two different imams in one week) are seeing the light of day.

VIDEO: John McCain Casts Deciding Vote to DEFEAT Obamacare Repeal

Arizona senator John McCain torpedoed his party’s Obamacare repeal bill in a night of high drama on Capitol Hill in the early hours of Friday morning. Here's hoping John McCain receives Obamacare medical treatmenthe so richly deserves in his ongoing battles with brain cancer.

Kosovo: “Kill the Serbs” Graffiti Calls for New Jihad Massacres

Kosovo Albanians have long been known for their instinctive hatred of the Serbs.

Muslim Media, Memes Mock Israel for Perceived Capitulation at Temple Mount

Israel granted great concessions to the Palestinians by removing several security measures at the Temple Mount. And how did the Muslim world respond? By mocking Israel and viciously painting the Jewish state as weak.

‘Australian women need Muslim men to fertilize them,’ says halal food chief in Facebook rant

Don't say they didn't warn you. Not only is it an incitement to rape, it is a declaration of Islamic supremacism.
Cue their leftists lapdogs in the media to explain what he really meant.

Palestinian reaction after their big win on the removal of metal detector from Temple Mount

The Arabs have a victim's soul, their misfortune is always caused by others, they do take responsibility for anything.

Machete-wielding Muslim “shouting ALLAHU AKBAR,” STABS SHOPPERS, kills one, injures many in supermarket in in Hamburg, Germany

This is the new normal in post-hijrah Europe. And thanks to Chancellor Merkel, more are coming. It's war, brothers and sisters. Pretend all you like. It's war.

Two-year-old boy fended for himself in apartment for 10 days after mom was beaten to death by Muslim husband

Qur'an (4:34) - "Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great." Contemporary translations sometimes water down this word, but it is the same one used in verse 8:12 and clearly means "to strike."

Palestinian Brandishing Knife Shot Dead After Rushing Israeli Soldiers

A Palestinian who rushed Israeli soldiers in the West Bank during Friday prayers, and tried to stab them, was shot dead. Prepare for the Muslim outcry about Israeli aggressions.

VIDEO: Democrat Muslim IT Spy Ring Sent Sensitive Intel to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD

Muslim spy ring traitors Abid Awan, Imran Awan and Jamal Awan are three brothers who worked within the IT department for Democrat members of the House Permanent Intelligence Committee and Foreign Affairs Committee. Among other acts of treason, they stole information and copied to an off-site server. The Muslim Brotherhood was the recipient of this highly sensitive intel as was a "foreign intelligence service." Is it any wonder that so many government agencies are acting in accord with our worst enemies?

‘Sharia law opponents are bigots’: Muslim leader calls for Australia to introduce special laws for followers of Islam

A prominent Muslim psychologist with a practice in Sydney's west says opponents of Sharia law are bigots.
Hanan Dover has told her 10,898 Facebook followers Australia needed to allow special laws for Muslims.

White House Calls for ‘Thorough Investigation’ of Imran Awan, the Dems’ Muslim IT Spy Ring

The White House, through Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said there should be a "thorough investigation" into Imran Awan, the former IT consultant hired by Debbie Wasserman Schultz to serve the Democratic Party in the House.

Canada: Trudeau Liberals Remove Condemnation of ‘Barbaric Cultural Practices’ From Citizenship Test

Canada’s Liberal government has removed condemnation of “barbaric cultural practices” like Muslim honor killings and female genital mutilation from the study guide used to complete the Canadian citizenship exam.

U.K. Radio Shuttered For Broadcasting Muslim Cleric’s Radical Rants During Ramadan

A radio station in operation in the United Kingdom since 2014 saw its license stripped after it played 25 hours of radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki's rantings during Ramadan.

Swedish Shop Refuses Woman Service For Not Wearing Hijab

A Sweden shop just refused a woman service because she wasn't wearing a hijab. Wonder if this woman will be tried for a hate crime?

Video: CNN Showcases Christian Who Prayed with Muslims in Jerusalem

Has this Christian never heard the expression, "First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people"?

    I was just having a long discussion with my special Lady.... about all the constant "News" that I read on a daily basis,  enough to chock a horse and give a man nightmares.   I am SO VERY THANKFUL that I have a woman who loves and respects me,  enough to listen, also pray for my anxiety, these days,  and you can figure this out by reading the short article below.  

And a gentleman like me SHOULD somehow know better,  as I spend almost enough time searching the KJV Bible, and memorizing the Psalms and Proverbs, etc.    But sometimes I am still in a quandary about world events, and especially America,  which has become so dang infested and infected with total, reckless, corruption, Islamic road blocks, and heathenism !!   Other hot spots in the world as mentioned below, are in the heat of war, corruption, starvation and violence.    How can there be such reckless abandon as Lefty-Losers/ Dims [Democrats and Socialists] foment and call the masses to pull down a LEGALLY ELECTED POTUS ?   We Conservatives never did anything like that when the fraudulent fake, Kenyon was illegally elected thru corruption and cheating !
       And now that the AG is finally starting to do his job by bringing criminals to court and prison --- the Socialists are advocating  illegal anarchy !   Are things not bad enough when North Korea and Iran threaten us with nukes ?   And EMP's devices that would set us back into the 1800's --- horse and buddy days ?   
        But I am thinking that before something like that happens --- that the Rapture would come first and take all REAL Believers in Christ to a "safe place, and well protected... up, up, and away !"  

I sometimes think that a big reason that I write my blog --- is for my own emotional therapy.....LOL !   In fact a Ph.D at the Milwaukee VAMC  Hospital told me that writing would be very healthy for me.   I been writing ever since..... back in 1995, when I got finally called back to my good paying job at Chrysler auto plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin.    
    I just want to warn my Christian friends all over the world, and in the USA,  that a possible WAR could break out no matter where you live.  
     The World puts so much emphasis on self-protection and survival, etc., and I think that's great.    But our REAL trust and hope ought to be in Father God, and His Son,  Jesus Christ, along with the Holy Spirit.    I intend to soon find a local church/ Christian congregation that teaches only the truth of the KJV Bible.    I don't much care what they CALL themselves, and neither does God.   God sees the human heart.   Man only sees and hears the outside of a human being.  

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

"Iron sharpens Iron."   --- Proverbs 27: 17.

Patriot Vigilante is proud to present tonight's edition of the Bullet News. We're committed to showing you the truth in a World consumed by lies...
There are countless wars being waged right now. Blood soaks the ground of almost every continent. Neighbors turn against neighbors in civil confrontation. Rebels and factions challenge governments, and governments return fire. And though life on the front lines, in the trenches, as an officer or fighter is horrendous, civilian life is not much easier. War takes a great toll on the minds and bodies of the innocent people in its crossfire, and still these people persevere.
Fleeing. When traveling away from the conflict zones in Ukraine you better have your ID. Soldiers at checkpoints will want passports, driver licenses or other ID proofs. They may not ask for them all the time, but if they do, you better have them. They will want to know as much about you as possible. If you get the chance to leave the country, you better have your passport ready as well. Other countries are already refusing offer asylum to refugees.
Here is where a second citizenship would be just priceless. While others are refused entry, having an EU passport would mean you could just board a plane and start over elsewhere while others are refused entry entirely or go wherever they offer asylum. Because of this, having updated documents is very important.
Many Americans fail miserably at this part and just don’t understand how important it is. Back in the day, getting stopped by the police and being caught without your “papers” meant you weren’t making it back home that night. If you couldn’t prove your ID, you were considered an enemy/extremist/spy. People have been arrested and tortured just because they had long hair or dressed like hippies. You wanted to be as gray as possible, literally gray, to avoid being thrown inside one of the Triple A’s infamous olive-green Ford Falcons, never to be seen again.
Cash is king. Food was still available in Donetsk, but people just didn’t have enough cash to afford it. With inflation being about 30% a month, food prices go up accordingly, so you’re better off with Dollars or Euros rather than local currency. They may not be accepted in some chain stores, but you can exchange them on banks or on the streets at the ongoing currency exchange rate, protecting your savings from inflation and only changing for local currency as needed.
Open an offshore account. Greece, Ukraine, Iceland, Argentina, doesn’t matter where it is, when things get ugly, the currency starts devaluating and banks close their doors you’ll want an offshore account. Maybe you keep some of your savings there. Maybe you make a transfer just in case when you hear some bad rumors floating around. Transfer fees aren’t very high and its cheap insurance.
One thing is for sure: Just like you can’t buy a gun when bad guys are kicking down your front door, you can’t open an account in a foreign country just when the local economy is about to go to hell. You need to do these things ahead of time. An offshore bank account means you can keep some of your savings abroad, move money around, move elsewhere and keep your money safe even if your country if falling apart. People in Ukraine sure understand the value of such an asset.
Be ready to bug out and know when to do so. If there is one thing we can learn from the war in Ukraine, as well as war and conflict in other parts of the world, is that not being there is the best thing you can do to ensure your survival and well-being of your family. Always have a bug out abroad plan, no matter who you are or where you live. Just think about it. If you had to leave your country today, (don’t think of all the reasons you wouldn’t, just for a second, think about it as if you didn’t have an option).
Where would you go? Do you know someone there that can help you?
Finally, know when it’s time to leave. Those that hesitate, those that choose denial when the signs are all over the place, they may live to regret that. A day too late, an hour too late may make all the difference in the world.

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth,

Jonathan Chambers
Patriot Vigilante

P.S. For the last year, one domino after another has fallen... but this last one to hit is the final straw.
The event that will make it happen, hits at exactly 9:00 am EST on October 15th.
Once it does, there's nothing anyone can do to stop it.
Find out why – and what this catastrophic event is -- by clicking this link...