Monday, September 25, 2017

The JW--Cult: Still setting Dates.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Finnish: 

Hei ystävät Suomesta:
on olemassa tiettyjä asioita elämässä, jotka vaikuttavat ahkeria ihmisiä koko ihmiskunnalle, ja nyt me opimme, että saaren Puerto Rico on saanut kolhun, ja ilman puhdasta juomavettä tai sähköä ja ruokaa jonkin aikaa , siitä lähtien tehokas pyörremyrsky, Marie, pesi paljon pinta-alasta. Minulla on vain jerichoa, Vaistoni sanoo, että suuret onnettomuudet ovat Yhdysvalloissa.
Ja ihmiset asettaessani olevan huolestuneita fyysinen uhka sodan Pohjois-koreaan.
Mutta... juuri loppuvat bensiiniä/ polttoaineen suuressa kaupungissa, kuten Chicagoon tai St. Louisin kokoonpanotehtaalla, MO. Ja olet ottanut mahdollisuutesi ja henkensä ja nykypäivän USA, tai Euroopassa. Unohda leijonan, tiikereitä, karhuja --- mutta häikäilemättömät ylimielinen islaminuskoiset saattavat lyödä ja rob sinua !
Mitalin toinen puoli:, joissakin paikoissa ovat Euroopassa käytännössä juhlia uskonpuhdistuksen aikaan..... 500 vuotta tulostettujen KJV Raamatun, jossa on monia uusia olennot saavat "Tallennetut" seuraajaa ja uskovia Kristuksen !
Oma sähköposti:
lämmin terveisin,
Thomas G Schuckman

Hello  Friends and avid Readers:
       If any of you wonder why I post stories /  FACTS about different "Cults" and misleading 'pastors'.... also people who are robbers and takers, is because I was once trapped in a 'religious cult,'  soon after I got home from my two tours of duty in RVN -- Vietnam:  68-70, but somehow managed to 'exit' some 22 years later.     Sorry to say that my family and I suffered a lot,  but I did manage to get most of my family OUT of that 'Church of the Poisoned Mind,'  as soon as I got "Saved" ---bending knee to Jesus Christ, right about May in 1995.   It was a sad, long, story, about a mixed up guy --- me still dealing with Combat PTSD, and falling prey to a group of well trained, also messed up people in a huge, organization the JW-cult, that preys on honest, but troubled people, who are looking for something in their lives.    Many  "netted fish" help to fill the Watch Tower's  Kingdom Hall's  ['Wisdom Holes'] every week and commander's most of their week, and fills their heads with false religious teaching.   
        If I have ever 'damaged' any outsiders in my life under that cult,  I hope that I have somehow made amends and corrected things,  but at least got my own family out of it.    At least I know the real Truth now,  of the KJV BIBLE, and try to share it where ever I go !   Please see and visit:   Bible Tracts Inc.   And:  

Rule Number One:    Never set or declare a DATE ! !

Psalm 38: 1,    "O Lord,  rebuke me not in thy wrath:   neither chasten  me in thy hot displeasure."  

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

Bible Prophecy & End Times Current Events

Posted: 24 Sep 2017 06:52 AM PDT
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Does anyone remember how many dates for the end of the world the Jehovah's witnesses gave?  The Carm site link below shows 11 dates but there are many more than what is shown at the Carm site. Any one who read the JW teaching and watched those dates come and go with nothing happening knows what the Leaders of the WatchTower did when their teaching failed.  The Leaders came back and changed the dates to a new date and made excuses why the previous date failed.
What did the JW members do when the dates failed?  They went along with the new date and then the new date failed. Then again the Leaders of the WatchTower set yet another date but, every one of those dates failed as well. Why did those dates fail?  Because the leaders of the WatchTower were false teachers as predicted by Christ when He told us false prophets and false teachers who come in the last days.

Image result for jw false prophecies All these people are now dead!

Image result for jw false prophecies False Prophecy Date by JW organization. 

Why am I telling you about the WatchTower failures?  Because like the excuses made by the JW organization Scott Clarke has done the same thing with his teaching that the Revelation 12 sign  which comes Sept. 23, 2017 is the sign the Church would be born because as Scott teaches, the Church was not born on Pentecost.  For over a year Scott has placed many videos on his YouTube channel pointing the this Rev. 12 sign.  Now that the 23rd of September has come and gone and the Church was not raptured away like the JW's Scott has changed things up. Now he says the 24th is a better day for the fulfillment of his teaching. What the failed 23rd date shows is that the Church was in fact really born on Pentecost as seen in the Bible and not on the coming Rev. 12 sign as Scott would have you believe.  Watch the video below and see how Scott tries to wiggled out of the fail date he stressed  for so long  for people to watch.  Before the September 23rd date came I wrote Scott and told him the 23rd would come and go without the fulfillment of what He taught. Now that he has move the date to the Sept. 24th date I will tell Scott the same thing! September 24, 2017 will be just as bad for you as the 23rd in that what you teach will fail!

Of course Scott wasn't the only one who gave false teaching for the 23rd sign. David Meade was also one of the main people pressing this date.  Just like Scott is now doing changing his false date David Meade is also changing his date. It's a remake if you will of what the JW's did so many times.


The bottom line is this. Christ warned us about the false prophets and false teachers that would come in the last days.