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Ibuprofen Effects on Male Fertility.

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Foreword in Danish:

Hej venner i Danmark:
Jeg havde en aftale med den lokale VAMC- Tandklinik, Iron Mountain, MI., idag, men tog også min gode kone, Lori, med mig. Hun kan lide at komme ud i vintertid -- alle indespærret i huset, og så tog jeg hende ud til en bar, hvor en cheeseburger [stegt oksekød patty, rødløg osv. på det].efter min udnævnelse på va---Veterans Administration Medical Center [Hospitalet] Combat Veterans. Vi lavede nogle mindre indkøb i butikker, før vi testede hos tandlægen.
Min kone er meget kær og så hjælpsomme over for mig, da det er hårdt og smertefuldt for mig at gå, disse dage.... Gigt, og mange brækkede knogler at behandle.... alt for mange alvorlige ulykker med motorcykler og lastbiler i mit liv.
Kan du tro det indlæg jeg lige har skrevet i dag, omkring brugen af NASAIDS -- ikke-narkotiske smertestillende midler ? ! ? At det "globale eliter" er bevidst forsøger at "tynde ud i menneskelige besætning" ved at gøre det muligt for mænd at tage smertestillende medicin, der er kendt for at ødelægge en mands produktive organer ? Jeg mener, de skal alle hænge på byens torv for forbrydelser mod menneskeheden !! Hvordan kan vores gov't lad dem slippe afsted med det her ?
Kun Gud Fader-- Yahweh, bliver stærkt nok til at rense jorden for ondskab, Magtsyge og folk der elsker at fortsætte i synd.
Venlig hilsen
Thomas G. Schuckman Email:
"Jesus er Herre".

Hello  Friends:
     I really wanted to 'cut and paste' one selected subject from this web site-- but failed.   So this is the one that really got me upset and angry, today:     Tool of Agenda 21 Population Control? Study Reveals Effects Of Ibuprofen On Male Fertility 

After a while of reading and absorbing all the new things that the 'World Elites,' with their Agenda 21, that the Liberal Socialists promote --- we wonder HOW human beings will be able to fight and defend our Constitutional Rights !   Well,  friends and readers,  this conversation has being going on for the past 6000 years, and the Book of Job really nails it on the head, IMHO.    It's about the whole story of creation of back in the Garden of Eden, and Satan the devil's assertion in front of all God's angels that:   Mankind SHOULD have the right and freedom to rule himself !   Father God said,  "No !"   God the Father in heaven originally wanted perfect men and women to multiply and become many, and to 'fill the earth and subdue it into a beautiful, peaceful, harmonious, Paradise',  but Adam and Eve sinned in disobedience ---  Satan the snake,  tricked the woman and deceived her.   Adam had a choice and he sinned too -- and wanted to KEEP THE WOMAN !   He could have sent the woman away, and his Father in heaven would have given him ANOTHER beautiful lady.   Adam allowed his heart's desire to pick the wrong choice, and so they both were cast outside of the Garden, which was located some where near the Tigris and  Euphrates Rivers in what is now called, modern day,  Iraq.    That area has so much history behind it, even now.  
       Father God had, and still does,  have that original desire for mankind,  but He had to make some changes and revisions in His grand plan.   Such as bringing forth another, perfect "Adam," to redeem us all from the sin of the FIRST Adam,  by allowing   His only begotten Son,  Jesus Christ, who had a "pre-human" existence for perhaps millions of years in Heaven.... to be the human sacrifice for all mankind.   But very few people who celebrate Christmas even know that fact.    See:   John 3: 16 -- as most Christians can quote from childhood:
    1. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and ...

    2. New International Version For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
    3. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
    5.        .....  But that same idea and promise is also found in many other Scriptures of the KJV Bible, too.   Search out the knowledge and wisdom of the Bible, now,  today,  BEFORE the Lord Jesus returns to Rapture up all of His followers and Saints !!   You might even say that it's good, smart Insurance.   And if you are a Prepper like many friends I know and care for,  who will even CARE FOR ONE SECOND about the goofy things that WE  will leave behind, after the Rapture ??   Ha!     Fact is,  all the filthy money, gold and silver in the world can never buy our way into Heaven,  dear Friends ! !   Go figure...   Besides, I never knew any REAL, Bible smart, honest, Christian who ever had to beg for bread [FOOD] !   The Father is looking for real Christians right now,  but His time of mercy will not last forever, and things on Earth are getting worse by the day !    I don't believe that the Father will allow a "world wide nuclear Holocaust,"  but man will never be able to clean the earth of evil, no matter how many years he tries, nor will any human organization, LIKE THE UN, WHICH IS SO CORRUPT.   
        Yes,  it's all about power, greed, selfishness and CONTROL !!
                " Agenda 21"   is a real plan from the 'Global Elites'  [the Puppet Masters who really have and direct/ command  the world power] who serve Satan the devil, who want to "thin out the human herd" so that they can better 'rule the world,' and pen up all the people into huge cities, to control them, like cattle.  
              So,  really, the question and battle between Satan and Father God -- Yahweh, is still being sorted out,  but the good people on Earth are far outnumbered at this time.   I wonder if I will come out of the battle with my skin.... LOL ?   Genesis 3: 16 lays the future of that battle out for all of us to read.   Just saying that you,  'believe in God,' won't cut the mustard,  friends,  because the book of James explains that even the demons 'believe in God !'   Personally,  after 22 years of serious Bible study, I finally 'found the Lord,' in 1995, and I am still working on the "Fruits of the Spirit,"  see:  Galatians 5: 22.    If any of you are serious in knowing the Lord better,  feel free to contact me:   Email:  

        Warm Regards,
        Thomas G. Schuckman
        Jesus is my dear Lord and Savior.


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