Sunday, January 28, 2018

Incurable Chinese Bacterial Disease Spreading

Tom's Journal.

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Tom Schuckman Very poetic and smooth ! And very true. No body gets away with any of their sins, forever. ---But for those in Jesus' Army..... "Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." --- John 14: 27 B.Manage
Hi  Friends and avid Readers:
     I just sent for more Information in the form of a great, new book, that teaches all about cures for many diseases in the world.   In the past I have talked extensively about how messed up the AMA, and Big Pharma  $$$$$$ is.   Bottom line:   If they cannot make tons of money on their noxious concoctions and rip offs,   they will NOT market it.  Period.   What that boils down to is,  other advanced, well developed countries in the world often prescribe NATURAL HEALING HERBS, and other remedies that do CURE MANY diseases !  
       Sorry,  guys and gals,  but I have had MANY so-called, 'doctors' treat me like 'used toilet tissue', abuse me, and LIE TO ME !!   After I got home from the war in Vietnam:  68-70,  I decided to do a lot of reading, and studied healing Herbs for the past 40 years, and I live well because of my Herbal knowledge and other natural preparations.   I am tired and wary of surgery --- although a few times I would have died or got amputated for lack of expert surgery.   And please remember and be advised,  that the VA Hospitals regularly enlist the help of many 'imported doctors' and too many from Pakistan !   I know that everyone has to start somewhere in their life,  but I will NOT be a test rat for foreign 'doctors' who are training.... on ME !   OK,  I have heard many Veterans claim that the get/ got good service from the various VAMC's in America.   But I am not one of them,   sorry.  
       And even though our good President Trump has made a big difference in the VA system, etc.,  we are still far from even a "near perfect."   We are now seeing and hearing the truth about just how nefarious, corrupt, and evil parts of our Government are,  so anyway the head men/ leaders can steal more money illegally, and grow rich,  while Veterans still suffer and die long before their time !   That's why real, Bible smart, Christians are happy, content, because they KNOW for sure that,  "God cannot lie,"  --Titus 1: 2.   And all of Father God's promises MUST come true,  and millions of us believe that the Rapture COULD come at any time.....  See:  First Thessalonians 4: 17.      So we ought to be ready to meet the Lord, Jesus Christ, at any time.
Still,  we all want to protect, guard, take good care of ourselves and our loved ones,  so why not bone up/ investigate these workable new treatments and CURES that smart nations like Germany, Japan, etc. us every day, to cure and alleviate pain and suffering ? ?   Simple herbs like,  Ginger, for example, is the best thing for motion sickness and chills.   Proper Vitamins and Minerals are very important too.   I use my PC --Personal Computer, to search out and buy the good herbal extracts at low prices.   I like:,  to get the best, quick, delivery, to my doorstep.  
    Christians ought to be loving, by sharing Info like this,  IMHO.
Warm Regards,
Thomas G. Schuckman
"Jesus is Lord."
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Yes, it's all part of my "job"...

But as a husband and a father with a family to protect, I like to keep my ear to the road for alert of any and all "threats" that could be headed our way.

In case you haven't noticed, this year's flu season has been especially terrifying.

Add to that, the WHO's warning that over-use of antibiotics is creating "super-bugs" that have no cure, and you should be getting a strong clue that it's time to prepare for a medical "collapse".

Now there may be something even WORSE on the horizon, and our sponsor has a special video you should watch for more information...

~ Jeff
Alert: Incurable Chinese Bacterial Disease Spreading

Dear Reader,

If you’re an American citizen over the age of 55, please see the following public health warning…

A deadly new disease from China is about to spread to the United States…

And there is NO CURE.

View Citizen’s Warning below. Note: May contain disturbing images.

It’s called the Chinese Klebsi Plague and your doctor does not know about it (Why? See this).

To stay safe, every American senior should view this brief presentation now.


Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance for Advanced Health

P.S. This new bacterial disease shuts down your lungs and other vital organs. Chinese hospitals have already seen death rates as high as 100%. Find out when it will get to your town by clicking here.
AMERICAN SENIORS BEWARE: If you were born before 1961, you are at immediate risk. 100% Death Rate. Go here now.