Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fruitful Ideas ---How to Protect Schools.

Tom's Journal.

Hello  Friends:
    There is much talk about the high school Florida deaths,  and I watched enough TV today to get a snoot full of our President listening to so many students and law makers.  
      I found this article interesting and common sense, down below.   But we have to wonder at the absence of fruitful ideas of the last, past,  'president.'   He not only drove us all into deep national debt,  but ruined out country, too.  
Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

Tactical and Preparedness Newsletter

By: Ox and David Morris

Thanks to everyone who has joined in helping to provide training to armed teachers.
Here's a quick summary...after the Parkland School Murders, I was contacted by multiple teachers who carry concealed on the job with the approval of their administration. There are currently more than 30 states with provisions for school employees to carry firearms while working.
In response, I'm pledging to donate training on a 1:1 basis. When you buy training from me through the following links, I'll donate the same training to armed teachers to improve their survivability and combat effectiveness. 
When you sign up for 21 Day Alpha Shooter >HERE<, I'll donate the training to an armed teacher willing to train to protect our kids.
Or, if you sign up for 21 Day Alpha Shooter + Diagnostic Splatter Targets >HERE<, I'll donate the training + splatter targets to armed teachers.
I received several emails yesterday on this topic. Most were very supportive. Some had the training already but wanted to donate training. 
One generous subscriber has offered to match donations over $100, up to a total of $500. 
If you want to do this, just go ahead and click one of the links, adjust the quantity to the correct amount, and follow up with an email telling us it's a donation.
A few people were mad. Specifically, they thought that arming teachers was a bad idea because their plates are already full and that we should hire and train vets to do armed security instead.
On the surface, hiring vets to do security at schools seems like a great answer. But it won't work in the way that people are proposing. I've got an answer, but I've got to tell you why hiring vets as armed security won't work first...

  1. Cost. It would cost $6.5 Billion per year, plus training to put 1 vet in each school in the US.
  2. Logistics.  The Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school has more than 3,000 students. There are multiple buildings over a multi-acre campus. One person isn't enough. After school sports happen in multiple locations. One person just isn't enough.
  3. Multiple Jobs. Resource officers have multiple jobs besides being ready to engage a mass murderer. There are 130,000 K-12 schools in the US and 0-2 mass murders per year, on average. That means that roughly 130,000 schools will not experience a mass murder in a given year...and those resource officers need other things to do in order to keep their mind occupied, know that they're contributing and earning their pay, and for local tax payers to get good value for their money. That means they probably won't be in the ideal location to respond to an active shooter when it happens.
  4. Schools are local. The decision to hire vets as armed security would need to be made on a school by school and district by district basis and it would be paid for by local taxes. This is not a national decision. It's something that needs to be decided locally by the voters who will pay for it and who's children will be affected by the decision.
  5. Time to implement. Even if we had unlimited budgets, the time to make the decision to act, create the training, and hire/train the personnel would be several months to a year or more.
But we've got an answer right in front of us that can be implemented IMMEDIATELY without any red tape, debates, or time to put into action that involves vets and teachers.
What is it?
As I said, 30 states already have some sort of provisions for teachers and school employees to carry while working.
Many of those teachers or school employees are vets. 
When a buddy of mine who was an AFSOC TAC-P saw incredibly hairy action in the first Gulf War, Panama, and Grenada hung up his boots, what did he become? A high school teacher. 
In fact, most people would be shocked at how many current/former US Army Special Forces guys are teachers.  
Just one organization alone...Troops To Teachers...has helped 20,000 vets transition to teaching positions.
In other words, we already have vets in schools. Many of them carry. And they are currently working with other teachers who have the same mindset but not the same training.
And that's how we can help. It's easier to make an existing fire bigger than to start one from scratch.
If we provide training for teachers who are already in the schools (many of whom are vets) and who are already allowed to carry, then we can have an impact IMMEDIATELY. 
They already have the desire, the motivation, and the credentials and are going to carry, doesn't it make sense to provide them the best training possible?
Training that they can do for the least possible cost, as quickly as possible, and that will have the greatest impact possible on their ability to protect their students?
I'd like to invite you to join with me in helping them.
Here's the deal...
I mentioned this yesterday, but last week, we ran a special where I pledged to donate Dry Fire Training Cards to local law enforcement for everyone who signed up for the 21 Day Alpha Shooter program. Because of that, the Post Falls Police Department is getting 18 sets of Dry Fire Training Cards. Thank you.
This week, I want to do the same for armed teachers...
When you sign up for 21 Day Alpha Shooter >HERE<, I'll donate the training to an armed teacher who wants to train to protect our kids.
Or, if you sign up for 21 Day Alpha Shooter + Diagnostic Splatter Targets >HERE<, I'll donate the training + splatter targets to armed teachers.
Why is this so important?
Because additional laws aren't going to stop acts of senseless violence in the future. Someone willing to murder doesn't care about laws and an additional law (or 20) won't change their behavior.
What changes the behavior of someone willing to commit mass murder?
Some people delegate the application of this force to law enforcement. In the process, they accept the fact that there will be a delay in response times.
Others train their minds and bodies to be able to act as a tactical first responder...not some high speed tactical operator...but a first responder who does the best they can with the tools and training they have until the pros arrive.
The model works for fire emergencies. It works for medical and trauma emergencies. And it works for emergencies where an evil person has decided that other people's lives have no value.
We equip teachers to be able to protect their students from fires until the fire department arrives.
We equip teachers to be able to treat their students in medical/trauma situations until EMS arrives.
And we need to equip teachers who are willing to stand in the gap to be able to protect their students when evil comes in the form of a mass murderer.
Again, please join me in helping to train armed teachers.
To sign up for 21 Day Alpha Shooter, please click >HERE<
And to sign up for a combo package that includes 21 Day Alpha Shooter, Diagnostic Splatter Targets, & $141 of bonuses, please click >HERE<
When you do, you'll get some of the best firearms training available at any price and so will a deserving armed teacher.
If YOU are an armed teacher, please reply to this and let me know. I may not be able to fill all armed teacher requests for training, but I'll do what I can.
If you know armed teachers, please don't reply on their behalf, but forward this email to them and let them contact us directly.
 Questions? Comments? Please leave them over at the blog >HERE<
If you're open about your preps, please feel free to share the link on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and "like" us on Facebook. If not, I get it :)
Stay safe and God Bless,