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"Let Not your Heart be Troubled..."

Tom's Journal.    

Dear Friends and Readers:
     'Be careful what you wish for....'   --LOL.    The cold Winter almost froze us this past season....  but now we expect super, humid, hot weather in the 90's,  and that is uncomfortable for us Northerners.   But we will accept it from the Lord and smile.   
        However,  we also don't care to be big, silly, birds who stick there heads in the dirt when danger arrives,   but we PREPARE in many ways.   The KJV Bible says that we ought to prepare and save up some extra money and food,  and it's just plain old common sense for the husband to have a sharp weapon to repel malicious men who would rob, rape and pillage,  our goods and honorable things and loved ones.   Now days, at least in the USA,  the rifle has replaced the bow and sword, IMHO.    So,  why not 'take care of business' and have some piece of mind ?   
       But Hal  Lindsey tells us what Jesus said about the 'flip side' of are duties and Faith dictate, down below in this humble Blog Post.  Please commit it to your important thoughts  and memories.   I personally looked up the Scripture at:   Luke 21:26.   My wife and I are currently studying the Book of John, almost every day as we takes turns reading it out loud in our Living Room.     We also like to encorporate a few memorizations of favorite Scriptures.         Think !   What would happen if the 'Lefty-Losers- Socialist' somehow came to power and banned all our personal Bibles ??    Ha!  Come let us reason on this matter..... it's not so far fetched !   Wise people take precautions BEFORE the stink hits the fan.   Our American Dollars could collapse at any time and mess people up in a permanent way.   It's good to pray,  but also well to take affirmative, positive action,  IMHO [In my humble opinion.].  
       This post is one of many,  and I realize that some of my friends think my Blog is too repetitive and redundant.   I just don't want to be catch with my britches down....   Good health to you.   Please continue to pray for me.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman
Upper Michigan,  USA

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May 25th, 2018
Last week in Santa Fe, Texas, a boy of 17 shot and killed eight of his fellow high school school students and two teachers. He wounded 13 others.

Panicked television commentators spent the weekend telling us how dangerous America's schools have become. They are scaring parents and children alike.

They are correct that America's schools have become more dangerous, but shootings are not the biggest danger. Let's take a little closer look.

CNN declared that this was "the 22nd school shooting in the US in 2018." That's 22 shootings at more than 140,000 institutions. That's a little more than .0001%, or just over one-ten-thousandth of one percent.

Those 22 incidents include all shootings on all school campuses (including massive, mega-universities) that result in injury. One of those incidents involved an adult who was shot in a school parking lot long after school hours. Another involved a kid shot by a BB gun.

These facts do not relieve the pain and fear of the injured students or those who escaped. They do not lessen the anguish of the families and friends of those who died. But they do give the situation some context.

The chances of your child or grandchild being shot at school are infinitesimal. As I have said before, your child has a far greater chance of being killed or injured on the way to or from school. America's schools are still just about the safest places for our children to be each day.

But, Santa Fe does remind us that America has a huge problem here. It is true that the number of mass shootings has risen dramatically. And that should serve as a wake-up call for us. Something has gone terribly wrong. Why is our society suddenly producing this many teen-aged mass killers?

Part of the answer goes back to the classroom. Guns do not pose the greatest danger in our schools. I believe radical teachers, propagandized textbooks, and modern curricula take that prize.

America has banned all acknowledgment of God from its schools. That leaves our schools teaching a worldview known as "nihilism." Google defines "nihilism" as, "The rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless."

It's only common sense. When we reject God, moral principles begin to fluctuate according to current opinion and fashion. Without God, we have no objective moral truth. It's all subjective. In other words, what is right and wrong is just a matter of opinion.

When that happens, then life has no true meaning. And no real value.

Entertainment reinforces those beliefs. Films, television, music, and video games ridicule the idea of God. They substitute emotion for meaning.

All of this leaves a generation of children without any ethical mooring or spiritual compass in a vast, seemingly empty universe. Conscience withers. Restraint disappears.

And that is the biggest danger looming inside America's classrooms.

On May 14, 1948, America, led by President Harry Truman, became the first nation to recognize the new nation of Israel. 70 years later, America, led by President Donald Trump, became the first nation to, in essence, acknowledge Israel's true sovereignty and open its embassy in Israel's capital of Jerusalem.

Of course, as in 1948, the opposition has been fierce and violent. The imams in Gaza, working with the terrorist government of Hamas, bussed more than 35,000 Gazans to the border of Israel in an attempt to breach it.

Hamas and the imams knew that Israel would be forced to defend itself. They knew there would be casualties. They did it anyway.

In fact, that's why they did it. The deaths of those Palestinians served only one purpose: to give Hamas and the Palestinians a talking point for the world media. They sacrificed their young in a public relations ploy!

And the mainstream media bought it hook, line, and sinker.

Only later did Hamas admit that more than 50 of the 62 who died were actually Hamas soldiers and operatives. And some of the others were from other Islamic terror groups. Business as usual for the Palestinians and the media.

President Trump recently announced that the United States is pulling out of the nuclear agreement with Iran. Though he had campaigned on that promise, the final nail in the coffin may have been when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly revealed the existence of Iran's "atomic archive."

Israeli intelligence operatives inside Iran located a hidden cache of Iran's most closely guarded secrets. But they didn't just expose the existence of the archive, they physically stole it and hauled it back to Israel!

In a televised presentation, Prime Minister Netanyahu revealed to the world the truth that Obama's "deal" with Iran was based totally on lies and deceit.

Iran insisted, and President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry agreed, that Iran had never sought, was not seeking, and would not seek to develop nuclear weapons. Netanyahu played videos of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, President Hassan Rouhani, and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif all making those declarations. Many times.

They all insisted that Iran wanted nuclear energy for peaceful and domestic purposes.

But the purloined atomic archive proved that all of those statements were bald-faced lies. Iran has, indeed, been working feverishly for years to develop and perfect nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them.

Apparently, that sealed the deal, so to speak, for President Trump and a few days later he made it official. America was done with the charade.

As you know, the American Left and the Europeans went apoplectic. The European Union has vowed to continue with the farce. So America stands to lose nothing by pulling out. But Iran will lose the United States and several other nations as trading partners. Should they choose to withdraw from the agreement themselves, then the Europeans will be forced to reinstate the sanctions against Iran.

That may well drive the mullahs back to the bargaining table and a better agreement may yet be struck. Either way, it will be a win for the US.

In all of this, though, Iran continues to move further into the arms of Russia. And that fits Bible prophecy to a tee.

Speaking of Bible prophecy. Planet earth is in a death dive.

Not only do the words of the prophets and Jesus Himself predict this, but every day's headlines confirm it.

Look around and you'll see the rise of deceiving spirits, the move toward a one-world government, environmental degradation, the spread of disease and plagues throughout the world, starvation on a mass scale, the worsening conflict in the Middle East, and increasing international tumult.

Jesus said that in these days men will be "fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world...." (Luke 21:26)

The truth is that people in the know are already scared silly.

They know our world runs on electricity, but the world's electrical grids are feeble and vulnerable. They know that the number of nations working feverishly to develop atomic weapons is rising dramatically. They know that weaponized biological substances exist in military laboratories right now that could decimate humanity in a matter of months. They know the dangers of artificial intelligence and other new, exotic technologies. They know that the world's economic house of cards could fold at any time. They know that our freshwater supplies are growing dangerously scarce and that our reservoirs are extremely vulnerable to terrorists. They know that even a small asteroid striking the earth could be an extinction-level event.

I could go on with the list, but you get the idea. We're a disaster away from "men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world...."

Most people don't want to think about these things. Many of us have allowed ourselves to become numb to the great drama unfolding in our time. But if you are a Christian, that's a mistake. The scripture is adamant. Stay alert. Keep watching.

Paul warned that "the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night ... so then let us not sleep as others do, but let us be alert and sober." (1 Thessalonians 5:2, 6)

We should be telling the world, "Keep watching!" It's a warning to those who don't know Christ and an inspiration to those who do.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

mail: HLMM, P.O. Box 470470, Tulsa, OK 74147

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11 Foods Rich in Enzymes That Will Improve Digestion

Our digestive system is much more complex than most think - different organs need to work together to make sure that the food and drink we consume is broken down into components that can be absorbed by the body and then passed into the bloodstream to provide us with energy. The "small cogs" that drive this process are enzymes, which are responsible for breaking down food molecules into components that can be digested.
If your body can’t produce enzymes or you do not consume enough of them in your diet, the food you eat will not be able to properly break down and you may suffer from various disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and intolerance to various foods. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you go over this list of 11 foods that will provide your body with the enzymes it needs in the most delicious way possible.

1. Pineapple

This yellow and sweet tropical fruit is rich in excellent digestive enzymes, most important of which is bromelain, which is abundant in pineapple. This enzyme helps the body break up protein into its primary components, including amino acids, which help digest and absorb this important material in our body. In a 2008 study of people with pancreatic failure - a medical condition in which the pancreas doesn’t produce enough digestive enzymes - it was found that consumption of bromelain by eating pineapples, for example, along with dietary supplements containing pancreatic enzymes, significantly improved digestion.

2. Papaya

Papaya is another tropical fruit that is rich in useful digestive enzymes. Like pineapple, papaya also contains a group of enzymes that help digest proteins called papain. In a study conducted in 2013, it was found that taking a formula improves the digestion process and eases the common side effects of irritable bowel syndrome, such as constipation and swelling. Note that if you want to make the most of the enzymes found in papaya, make sure you eat it ripe and not cooked since exposure to heat can greatly reduce its enzyme content. Also note that eating unripe papaya may be dangerous for pregnant women, as it can cause contractions.

3. Honey

Did you know? Americans consume about 1.3 pounds of honey per person annually. This natural and sweet food is a rich source of many elements that are very beneficial to the body, among them of course, various digestive enzymes such as:
  • Amylase - also known as Diastase - helps dissolve starch into sugars.
  • Invertase - aids in the breakdown of sucrose into glucose and fructose.
  • Protease - aids in the breakdown of protein into amino acids.
If you want to eat honey to take advantage of its digestive benefits, make sure you buy pure honey since processed honey is often heated - and at high-temperatures digestive enzymes are destroyed.
enzyme rich foods

4. Avocado

This may be surprising to you, but avocado is a fruit and not a vegetable as many people think, although unlike other fruits, avocado is high in fat and very low in sugar. The avocado also contains digestive enzymes called lipase, which help digest fat molecules and dissolve them into smaller molecules such as fatty acids and glycerol, making it easier for the body to absorb them. In addition, lipase enzymes contribute to the maintenance of pancreatic function, and given all these advantages, we are sure that you won’t want to miss an opportunity to eat this tasty green fruit.
enzyme rich foods

5. Kefir

Not everyone knows this excellent milk drink which originated in the Caucasus Mountains, but it has many surprising health benefits, some of which exist thanks to the many enzymes it contains. The process of making kefir, in which milk is added to a mixture of yeast and friendly bacteria, enriches the beverage with a variety of healthy nutrients and important digestive enzymes such as lipase and protease. Another enzyme found in kefir is lactase, which helps absorb lactose - the same sugar that is found in milk and is barely digested in the body. A study at Ohio State University found that kefir consumption improves lactose digestion in those who have an intolerance to it.

6. Banana

Bananas are another food packed with natural and positive digestive enzymes that will help your body. Bananas contain enzymes such as amylase and glucosidase, which help dissolve complex carbohydrates, such as starch, into smaller components and sugars that the body absorbs easily. In addition, bananas are also an excellent source of fiber which can greatly improve your digestive system. In a study conducted in 2011, women who ate 2 bananas a day were significantly less likely to experience swelling and abdominal pain.

7. Mango

You can add mango to the list of healthy tropical fruits full of digestive enzymes. Like the banana and a number of other foods mentioned above, mangoes also contain amylase enzymes that play a role in the process of breaking down carbohydrates into sugars, improving their absorption by the body and providing us with quite a bit of energy. To take full advantage of them, try to chew the mango well before swallowing it because the amylase enzymes present in our saliva are added to those of the mango significantly improving the digestion process. 

8. Kimchi

This time it’s not just another exotic fruit, but rather a Korean food made from pickled, fermented vegetables. Like kefir mentioned earlier, Kimchi's preparation process also leads to the development of friendly bacteria that provide a variety of components with many health benefits. The enzyme content in Kimchi includes proteases, lipases, and amylase, which improve the digestion and absorption of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, respectively. Kimchi is also particularly effective for lowering cholesterol. A 2013 study of 100 healthy young people found that those who consumed the most kimchi had the lowest levels of cholesterol in their blood.
enzyme rich foods

9. Ginger

Ginger has been a very important component of traditional medicine for thousands of years. Some of the medicinal properties and health benefits of ginger are probably found in the many digestive enzymes it contains, such as zingibain, which helps the body break down protein into its building blocks and thus helps absorb it better. In addition, a study conducted at the Central Institute for Food Technology Research in India found that several types of spices, including ginger, of course, help the body self-produce those essential enzymes such as amylase and lipase.  enzyme rich foods


10. Kiwi

Another exotic and special fruit which is an "Enzyme hothouse" is the Kiwi – green on the inside and furry on the outside. Kiwi contains a plethora of enzymes, the main ones being azetidine, which scientists believe is the reason for it being able to improve digestion. In a study published in 2011, it was found that adding kiwi to one’s diet improves the digestion of gluten, meat, and soy protein. Further studies have found that eating kiwi reduces swelling and helps relieve constipation.

11. Miso

The last item on the list comes from far away Japan - where traditional miso paste, made from fermenting rice, soybeans, salt, and yeast, has been prepared for many years and serves as a basis for soups and other foods. Like several other foods presented, in this case too, it is the yeast that is responsible for the friendly bacteria that raise its nutritional value and load it with beneficial ingredients and many protease and amylase enzymes - which all contribute greatly to the body's ability to digest and absorb foods efficiently. In a study published in 2016, it was found that the content of friendly gastric bacteria in miso could reduce the appearance of symptoms related to digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome.

image source: David NiergarthAlpha

Hi  Friends:
    Learn more to produce more and be on the cutting edge.   I studied the DOS method computer method in college,  but since I didn't  have a P.C. at home to practice,  I didn't do so well.... and what a shame.   But I really found my niche later after the new PERSONAL COMPUTERS came out with Windows, and the Mouse.    So I hope that you all can open this post and learn/ enjoy more.