Thursday, June 6, 2019

Heart Arrhythmia.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends,
   My wife has been keeping and writing down noticeable challenges with me.  Sorry, but I don't quite accept many people's notion that my recent brother Albert's demise is the main fault of my panic attacks and scary shortness of breath.  My fine, brother was a good, hard working man, and blameless!   I am really starting to miss him now, and my Mom whom I used to call on the phone almost every other day, just to say "hi, how are you doing today."  Still, I cannot rule out "genetics," hereditary traits that our father passed down to his offspring... the good and the bad, and much of it didn't kick in until we reached the age 60. 
    I guess that our great, great, fore fathers just dropped over dead from heart attacks and strokes at younger ages, in their 50's and 40's many moons ago as the Kansas heat warmed things up.  That was my Dad's take on things, also.  As I often say,  "The Apple never falls far from the tree."  We Christians pray and so happy to counted as Christ's soldiers and saints, Saved by virtue of the Holy Spirit when we decided to serve the Lord, also worship the Father!

It is my humble opinion that we [the VA] and me have only been treating the symptoms rather than the root cause.   Now, after too many scares and too many VA Hospital dull wittedness,  I am doing more research and demanding sooner TREATMENTS!!  BTW, I enjoy a large circle of combat Vietnam Veterans that email, phone and message me, as well as talking to many smart Vet's at the local Iron Mtn., MI., in the U.P. to get their opinions and wealth of raw/ also refined facts.  I hope that I am not scaring you all away with all this sorry, morbid talk today.  If I only write about things but never act, I may just live a few more years,  but I will certainly die anyway, eventually, or be RAPTURED up to heaven, and that can't be too far off either!  Woo--Woo!   A good soldier is always prepared and orderly.

Back to the chosen subject... God loves us anyway, but especially those who bend knee to His Son, Jesus and obey.  If you believe that THIS LIFE is the proving ground for the next life--- and there MUST BE some priorities for a Christian. 
   But we simply cannot worship and serve Yahweh [The Father] if we are dead!   The apostle Luke was a doctor, so that people who had money could be treated.  And we know that having SOME legal form of money, including Silver, gold and copper, etc., has since changed to worthless paper!  Get the drift of my idea:  Working to support ourselves and saving/ perhaps investing, is proper, good, responsible and promoted by wise men, elders in the church, apostles, Saints, and Spirit Bourne Writers of our KJV Bible.   By the way {BTW},  reading the King James Version of the Bible IS A GOOD, SMART, even entertaining thing to do.  But do a little study to research the Bible, itself, and learn how to use it as a "tool."  It is so poetic, blunt, pure and dynamic!  Please don't go thru life as an ignorant buffoon and also lose out on everlasting life with Lord  Jesus and millions of other great people.
      Well,  I am now thinking that heart arrhythmia runs in my family and perhaps extended!   Obviously, our local VA Hosp. in the great woods of MI., doesn't have the right people, the right machines or where with all, but I might drive down there if my sever panic attacks and cardiac challenges continue.  In the meantime, maybe some of  you people can lend light on herbs and home remedies that I can try.   I am not preoccupied in some EMP scare, but I think we all want a small storage of medical tools, smarts and savvy, just in case.  I think that many other Veterans ponder things like this and also prepare, just in case.


Have a great, peaceful day and night, [and I can always use your prayers,

Tom Schuckman