Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Hooking up Batteries for Power.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends,
     Perhaps I am a 'dreamer' and small time inventor but in my various construction welding jobs in the past and carpentry gigs/ jobs, etc., I had to have some experience figuring out ways to finish my projects, also satisfy my employers' wishes.  And we all like having more options in how to fix things without spending so much money or calling a high priced, so-called $$$ 'professional.'  I have learned my lessons the hard way and got soaked/ ripped off too many times in my life.  I also did and still do some woodcarving with a Router [a glorified Drill... LOL], like putting Scriptures into wood, etc.. painting in the letters and then Polyurethaneing them to a mirror gloss.   I also tried to teach as many other willing people how to do these things, and I love to teach! 

The various diagrams and pictures/ Info of how to hook up batteries in tandem-- in proper sequence has always intrigued me, and I have a buddy who is knowledgeable in this area... also solar power, etc.  The older we get the harder it is to live without electrical power, A/C, heat and transportation, etc.  I bought a huge wood stove a few years ago, but I am too old and too disabled to harvest fire wood.  Even the farmer's strong ox will get sick and die someday, and we all face death at some point in our lives... even though Bible savvy Christians have that great belief in Christ's Promise to both Rapture His followers and servants, or resurrect them to life in Heaven.   And some people will also live in a Paradise Earth someday, after God cleans up this polluted planet.  
    The book of James, Chapter 4, verses 7 and 8 say:   "Submit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  8.  draw nigh [near to] God, and he will draw nigh to you..."

If some of you [my readers] know more about these subjects, please feel free to email/ contact me: 

Just because we put our faith in God doesn't mean that we should just sit back and do nothing!   I suppose we could say that I am also a 'Prepper' of sorts, but my family lived on a small farm in S.E. Wisconsin where my Dad showed the boys [my pasted brother Albert and I] how to save money and do most of the mechanical work and agriculture by ourselves, and that stuck with me over the years.  I also value my younger, strong, friends who help and advise me from time to time. 
   Buying or building a traditional solar power bank on top of the roof is too expensive to me, and I have already looked into buying a smaller, portable solar converter down the road.  

I may have mentioned that I lost 10 pounds of weight and my wife did too, these past 2--weeks!  I have a long way to go, but I feel good about the little ray of hope.   I have cut down and cut off many different types of food, like bread, pasta, ice cream, etc., and it's still a hard process and I sometimes feel weak from starving myself... Ha!   But... my LIFE is at stake here and now, and I will die soon if I don't take weight loss seriously.  The death of my dear brother Albert one month ago -- put the fear of God in me, as he was 2 years younger than me.  I am truly sorry that we could not see eye to eye and got along better in life.  The term, TACT is "making your point without making enemies."  It seemed like we didn't agree on too much and there was always that "one-up-man-ship" game of competition that I believe our Dad fostered... but that is only my personal opinion.  Frankly, I don't think such hard competition between siblings is very healthy.  Let each child grow and develop in his/ her own way, as we all have our strong  points/ talents and weaknesses. 

Have a great day!

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

Happy Fourth of July -- Freedom Day !
Salute and Thank all Veterans !

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