Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Our 'Congress Critter,' the Good Man.

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Hello Friends and Gentle Readers,
    Below is a forwarded message from my District "Congress Critter" Jack Berman.  Although I have never met him in person, I have read up on him and his way of Conservative thinking and beliefs, and so I count him as one of the "Good Guys."  Also an experienced doctor and former Military man, that visits our local VAMC in Iron Mountain, MI [in the U.P.].  If only American had a few hundred more people just like him. 

I also have a personal friend named,  JJ [another Huey Helicopter Door Gunner who served in Vietnam, like me.].   JJ gave me a good account of our 'Congress Critter' and so I trust his judgment. 
     Let me remind all my Readers... that what often appears to be a movement,  one way or another, it is Father God's PLANNED TIME TABLE and Bible Prophecy that counts.  After what we have just witnessed these past 2-- years from the Socialist Left Dims, anything is possible, with huge gaps in our safety net as a Nation betrayed by treasonous high officials in the last Administration!   As I have explained so many time in my humble Journal,  my humble opinion is to 'prepare' for two different scenarios... one for this world and one for the next world, hopefully in Heaven.  "Unser Vater in dem Himmel.'  See Matthew 6:9. 

I would love to make contact with more people in Norway [the Country] to find out how they live and what they think about world affairs.  One never has 'too many friends.'
     I also recently latched onto an old, 1968 song [soft rock] --- the Peppermint Rainbow,  and one of their songs:  "Will you stay after Sunday."  They would be my age, either living or passed away, and I am having trouble finding more info on their cool singing group.  Check them out.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman
Email:   tschuckman@aol.com  


The Office of Congressman Jack Bergman (Constituent.bergman@mail.house.gov)To:you Details

July 16, 2019
James Hogge 231-640-9158
Bergman: People Deserve Better 
Washington - Congressman Jack Bergman issued the following statement after voting in opposition to House Democrat's resolution:
"With no major political accomplishments to show since the 2018 elections, Democratic leadership has chosen to push meaningless resolutions to score cheap political points, further dividing our nation. To be clear, my opposition to this resolution has nothing to do with my colleagues’ gender, religion, or race, nor does it have anything to do with President Trump’s tweets. I just flat out don’t agree with the content of my liberal colleagues’ policies, whether it’s their socialist Green New Deal, job-killing regulations, or their repeated attacks on the sanctity of life. Opposition to their beliefs does not equal racism.
"The constituents of the First District of Michigan sent me to Washington to be a legislator, not a commentator. Instead of empty House Resolutions and constant attacks on the President, Congress should better serve the American people by getting back to work on the issues and actual legislation that we were sent here to address. Congress is broken and political ploys like this are furthering the divide – the people deserve better."