Friday, July 19, 2019

Franklin Graham's Warning.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
    I am sure that many of us 'good hearted' caring Christians want to at least TRY to help people in the world who have honed their art of getting too personal with the younger ladies and girls after they ply them with drugs and/ or alcohol.   My wife and I just got back from the Milwaukee, WI., Kenosha, WI area, shopping and reunited with an old Army friend.  So of the dangerous neighborhoods stood out to me reminding me of what I know to be true in the larger cities.  The truth is that so many young boys can make so much money selling drugs, also getting young girls pregnant so the girl can start sipping the federal and state money for pre-natal care, welfare, food stamps, etc.  The generations long lifestyle never stops and those folks miss out of important basic education!  The boys stay away from the girl until she starts getting her welfare money $$$, and then the boy moves in to "play house."  But there is never a "Marriage" because that would stop the flow of Gov't money, and how can that messed up couple and baby live if the girl lose her "Gov't Benefits ? !"   Where ever and what ever that couple do is stained by that stigma for the rest of their life.  
       The KJV Bible holds the real Truth and 'Blue Print' for starting off right in life with all the Right God-given Information even leading to EVERLASTING LIFE IN HEAVEN with Jesus Christ, and Father God. 
    Father God forgives ALL SIN,  but we should never use that truth to purposely commit more sins.   Soon the bad, evil people will seize power in the USA and World, directed by the Devil-- Satan, but we hope that by then the Rapture will have come and gone.   But we serve our Master and Lord Jesus, forever and no matter what goes down in the world.  

Our siblings, relatives and friends, etc., have [sorry to say] already chosen sides, and most don't even want to hear or read about the subject matter of which I write.   I never did have that "Herd Mentality" --- but I have searched for the Truth most of my life, through adversity and stormy times.  The Bible has never failed me. 

The super HOT weather in the USA is killing the older, and poorer folks all over, but the 90's degree weather is made worse by the high DEW point and humidity.  It really reminds me of South Vietnam....  back in 68-70., but we were young and skinny then.  We wonder why did our God save us from heavy injury and death back then...

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

Psalm 130: 3,   ---"If errors were what  you watched, O God, who could stand?"  

Franklin Graham just issued a dire warning about this dangerous legislation

The radical Left is determined to force Americans to adopt their views on a wide range of issues.
“Tolerance” and “acceptance” are oft-used buzzwords, but their true goal is to ostracize or criminalize anyone who disagrees with them.
And Franklin Graham just issued a dire warning about one dangerous piece of legislation the Left wants to ram down our throats.
Earlier this year, the House of Representatives passed the so-called “Equality Act of 2019.”
The bill would overturn long-held constitutional protections of religious freedom, from which Franklin Graham warns the “nation may never recover.”
LifeSiteNews notes:
The Equality Act would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include “sex,” “sexual orientation,” and “gender identity” among expressly recognized “non-discrimination” categories in “public accommodations” (the definition of which would be dramatically expanded); and force employers of 15 or more people to recognize their claimed “gender identity,” forbid them from “discriminating” based on “sexual orientation” or “gender identity,” and mandate transgender “access” to sex-specific facilities.
In the July-August issue of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s “Decision” magazine, Graham writes:
The progressive left has ascended into a national political power that presents a clear and present danger to our basic religious liberties and freedoms. They despise anyone who is pro-life and mock all who hold to a Biblical worldview.
. . . these progressives are driving a piece of legislation termed the Equality Act, which gives unprecedented rights to transgenders and homosexuals . . .
The progressive, Democratic-controlled House of Representatives has already passed this atrocious bill, and only the Republican-controlled Senate and the president stand in its way. If the Senate majority changes or if enough Republican senators change their position, it would be up to the president to veto the bill. And if that office were to change hands in 2020, I have little doubt this would become the law of the land.
This legislation will have catastrophic consequences for competitive sports, along with churches and faith-based nonprofits who would lose all protections to hire people who adhere to their Biblical statements of faith. Christians will be persecuted for their sincerely held beliefs as never before. The clear teachings of the Bible on the sins of homosexuality and abortion will no doubt be considered “hate speech.” It will be a nightmare from which this nation may never recover.
The critical 2020 elections will be here before long.
As Franklin Graham notes, the outcome of just a few races could radically determine the direction the country heads.
What are your thoughts on what will happen?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments.