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Scandal Uncovered.

Tom's Journal.

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Hello Friends,
   I hope that my posting of Hal Lindsey's timely news reports don't bore you all too much.  But if they do, please email or comment in the box below this post -- "Comments."  It's just that his solid Bible teachings are also in my own mindset as I have studied these particular things for more than half my life, and serve as a source of encouragement for me and countless other Christians all over the world. 
     I think, and it may well be, that President Trump just might be the last president we will see before the SHTF all over the world.  He is "holding back" the prophetic "Man of Lawlessness"...  the Anti-Christ that will rule the world after America goes down the tube.   I say this as a matter of fact, and the Bible says the same that I have quoted so many times.  I know that many might be bored with this subject matter,  but just as Soldiers always stay prepared and ready for any wars or conflicts in the world, 'Christian Soldiers' also stay alert.   That can be a hard act when we get older with so many health  challenges.  I don't want your sympathy, but I would always love to get your prayers... as I have trouble breathing and sleeping these days, with bad sinuses and constant pain in all joints and lower back, etc... always tired but unable to sleep right.  I can feel my body slowing down so quickly right after I turned age 70.  Lord help me.  The VA has me loaded down with every kind of pill and medicine.. LOL, and I am thankful for all of that, but they only work a little bit.  I have been teaching my wife all sorts of things and important Info, preparing her for my demise.  My brother Albert's death about 6 months ago is still slowing sinking in, and he was 2 years younger than I.  So now you all might figure out why I "cling to my Bible."   Plus several Ph.D's at the Milwaukee, WI., VAMC advised me to WRITE, as it is therapeutic for me, and also benefits others in the world.  I started to write my own book but dropped off after I "found the Lord" shortly after 1995 and getting called back to work at Chrysler Corp., in Kenosha, WI., earning a living wage again,  PTL ---  [Praise the Lord].  I wish so hard that I could still remain physically active with my woodworking and light carpentry,  but that just might not ever happen too soon.  Hey!  People just grow old and die.   I am blessed to have a good care taker in my wife, Loretta, as she works so hard for me everyday!  I see her as a gift from God. 
   My Blog is my outlet to post things that are near and dear to my heart, also to share life saving INFO in case of emergencies, but also everlasting life in Heaven.  "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain:  for the former things ae passed away."  ---Revelation 21: 4.  Friends,  the book of Revelation is not all that hard to read and understand !!  But with the help of the Holy Spirit you can and will understand -- although sometimes I have had to read the material several times to get the full import.  But it was the same in college for me, and some instructors there even told us so.   Some of our heads are harder than others... Ha!  And old joke:   "You can always tell a German -- but you can't tell him much."  Hey,  I can laugh at myself, as I am of Germanic ancestry, and have traced my ethnic linage back to the 15th Century and my last name spelled the same way.  But all that baloney doesn't count for a hill of beans in God's eyes.  God is looking for people with a humble, contrite, repentant heart, and not some 'pedigree.'  However,  I have been to Germany  for 6 months in early 1968 and loved the country, customs and beautiful people, and they liked me!  I believe that joining the Army was a good, wise, decision that really advanced my knowledge and maturity in may ways.  What I didn't know at that time was the aftermath of war, blood and guts, bad nightmares/ PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] that so many combat Veterans go thru...  And again,  without the supernatural help of the Holy Spirit, I would have met with total disaster and prob. death by now.  The very least I can do now is to SHARE this inside knowledge and help my fellow Veteran brethren thru the publishing of my humble Blog posts.  I would be a selfish, cowardly sinner man if I didn't acquire the courage to do just that !  Just remember, dear friends, that SOME DAY the 'Stink will hit the fan' and billions of people world wife will cry and WISH they had implemented the simple process of getting close to Father God, but accepting His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, and also sharing THAT with all their friends, etc!    Seize the moment and the day by taking a stand right now! 

Remember also that the State of Israel is still in a favored relationship and Covenant with Father God, Yahweh [or the Latinized term/ name:  Jehovah], and so the USA is also therefore protected by God... for now.  But our abortions/ murders and Hollywood porn industry, plus the anti-God politics of both political parties greatly displease the Lord.

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

--- I love well trained Rottweiler dogs!  I wish I had one of my own for therapy and companionship right now!  Maybe the VA can also help me in this regard.  Any suggestions?


Scandal Uncovered

By Hal Lindsey

When Israel refused admission to two members of the US House of Representatives, the media made it sound like disrespect for America. They didn't mention that Israel is a sovereign nation. As such, it has the right and obligation to follow its own laws. In this case, that means it has the right to refuse entry into Israel to anyone who supports the Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.

But the biggest scandal involves the sponsor of these Representatives' trip - a radical Islamic group called "Miftah." On this subject, the media has been almost completely silent. Miftah is a scandal in itself. It praises suicide bombers for "sacrificing their lives for the cause."

The founder of Miftah, Hanan Ashrawi, is a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization's executive committee. In 2017, she denounced the idea of calling terrorists "terrorists." She said, "They are seen by the people as resistance."

Miftah strongly supports BDS. In an official Miftah document, they say, "Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions give us hope."

That's the basis on which Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib were barred from entering Israel. They keep telling us that it is because they are Muslim, but there are Muslims all over Israel. The Knesset is that nation's ruling body. About one in ten members of the Knesset is a Muslim.

A sovereign nation has the right to say who can and who cannot enter that nation. In this case, Israel's laws make it explicit that support for BDS is grounds to refuse entry into the country. That's because BDS is designed to destroy Israel. Is it a slight against the United States House of Representatives? No. In July, that body passed a resolution against BDS by the huge margin of 398-17.

Happily, one columnist for the New York Times, Bari Weiss, went on CNN's "Reliable Sources" program and pointed to the scandal in the mainstream media's reporting. "Another huge story," she said, "one that has not been covered by any mainstream paper or network is the fact that their trip to Israel, or as they're calling Palestine, was being sponsored by a group that literally published neo-Nazi blood libels and said that it supported female suicide bombers. You know, hailing them as heroes. That's a scandal."

After Representative Tlaib decried the Israeli government for not allowing her to visit her aging grandmother who lives on the West Bank, Israel relented. They said she could enter the country on the condition that she not participate in any protests while there. She refused their offer. So much for Grandma!

In a press conference on August 19, Tlaib laid out what the agenda would have been if she and Omar had been allowed to enter the country. She told who they would have talked to and she even told what those people would have told them! Imagine that. If you already know what you're going to learn on a fact-finding trip, you might as well stay home.

When the house voted for the anti-BDS bill earlier this summer, it seemed like a good sign. At last, both American political parties appeared to be returning to their long-held positions supporting the Jewish state. But in just a few days, that seems to have disappeared. On August 17, Fox News said, "House Democrats are reportedly considering retaliatory moves against two top American and Israeli diplomats in response to Israel's decision to block Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib from entering the country."

Are Democrats as a group now turning away from their party's traditional support of Israel? If so, it could be an indicator that we are deeper into the end times than generally thought. A Democrat will eventually win another presidential election. It could happen as soon as next year.

Will that future Democratic President support Israel? I hope so. But what was once a foregone conclusion is now shrouded in doubt. With US support greatly diminished, Israel would be in trouble. That would make it vulnerable to overtures from the Antichrist. And the Bible says that it will be a peace treaty involving Israel and the Antichrist that will mark the beginning of the Tribulation.

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