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Hi  Friends,
  Trouble with your eyes, lack of moisture?  Please read here for the solution.

--Tom Schuckman

10 Best Superfoods to Protect Your Eyesight
Special: Dry Eye? Don't Shrug It Off, It May Be Serious!

Plus: See Why Seniors Face Losing Their
Independence — Without Even Knowing It
You’ve probably heard about dry eye.
But here’s something you probably haven’t heard before: The popular thinking about dry eye is dead wrong.
You see, most people shrug it off as a minor irritant.
Squeeze a few eyedrops into your baby blues or browns and forget about it . . .
Robert Latkany, M.D., hates to hear this.
As founder and director of the Dry Eye Clinic at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, he knows this is exactly the type of thinking that will get you into trouble.
An expert in the condition, Dr. Latkany works tirelessly to educate people about the hazards of dry eye. In fact, he considers it a public health threat.
But it’s stealthy, so it starts off as merely an annoying nuisance.
Your eyes feel dry or tired.
They may sting, burn, or itch on occasion. Or feel crusty or gritty — like something’s in them.
Sometimes they look red, like you were up all night.
And it’s not all about your eyes themselves . . .
Your entire appearance may change. You look at yourself in the mirror and see lines, wrinkles, and bags that were never there before.
Of course, nobody wants that telltale old-eyes look.
But that’s just the cosmetic stuff.
Eventually It Starts to Get More Serious
Over time, your vision could become blurry or may fluctuate. Or you’re more sensitive to light.
Seems like you need a new prescription for your glasses every year. Or you can’t tolerate contacts lenses like you used to.
All these are symptoms of dry eye.
Yet these are just red flags that warn of something even worse . . .
You see, dry eye is a progressive disorder.
The chronic nature of the condition saps your energy. Pain in the eye is pain you cannot escape from. Over time, it can affect your mind, mood, and productivity.
And we’re sure you’d agree . . .
Nobody wants to gradually lose the ability to read, watch TV, use a smartphone, or drive at night.
But if you ignore the problem — or if you put off treatment for too long — that’s exactly where you could find yourself.
In a moment, you’ll discover why seniors have the most risk — and the most to lose. But first, it’s important to know exactly what’s behind dry eye.
Why Dry Eye Is a Crying Shame
Dry eye is known medically as dysfunctional tear syndrome.
That’s because tears (of the onion-peeling kind) are at the crux of the problem.
The tear fluid over your eyes is not just there occasionally — like when you shed tears of grief or joy. It’s an actual film that coats your eye surface and requires constant replenishment.
So what’s the problem?
Well, there are really two key issues with dry eye:
  1. Your tear film evaporates too quickly
  2. Too little tear film is produced
In other words, your eyes may lose moisture faster than it can be replaced — or they may not be making enough moisture.
And it’s not an either/or proposition. You could suffer from both issues at the same time — a double whammy.
In case you were wondering, most evidence points to inflammation as the likely trigger causing dry eye disorder . . .
The same inflammatory process that scientists now link to many chronic diseases killing millions of Americans. Conditions like cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and even Alzheimer’s.
These diseases strike hardest at the older population. So perhaps you won’t find this too surprising . . .
Dry Eye Is the Most Common Eye
Complaint of Older Patients
Parasite Party in
Your Eyelashes?
If your eyes itch, or you see little crusts of “dandruff” at the base of your eyelashes or in the corner of your eyelids, you could have an infestation of tiny 8-legged parasites known as Demodex mites.
Yes, it’s shocking. But what’s worse, it’s common. In fact, by age 50, 80% of folks carry some of these creepy-crawly hitchhikers. You may have no symptoms at all and still be infested.
Aside from the squeamish factor, when they get out of control, these spider-like parasites cause inflammation and disease in the glands inside your eyelids. This leads to deterioration of your eye’s essential tear film and contributes to dry eye.
Make sure to ask your eye doctor to perform the simple test detailed on page 36 of The Dry Eye Remedy. Plus, on the same page, you’ll find an inexpensive home remedy (it’s sold in the health food store). In most cases, it eradicates the little buggers before they can damage your vision.
Dry eye attacks more women than men.
And wallops the most vulnerable population.
The Women’s Health Study estimated that 3.25 million American women 50 and older suffer from clinically significant dry eye disease.
This doesn’t mean men are immune. A separate study found that 1.68 million men age 50-plus suffer from diagnosed dry eye.
And these are just medically reported cases. Millions more suffer without even knowing it’s the culprit.
In fact, Dr. Latkany estimates that dry eye disease affects 30% of American adults.
Why are these numbers so high?
Well, many risk factors make you more vulnerable to dry eye:
As you’ve seen, age is the No. 1 factor — and one you can’t escape.
What other factors could put you in

Hi Friends,
   I remember a friend at work about 30 years ago tell me about some research he did about the human body [ and perhaps all mammals...] having various parasites infested, and some even beneficial.  Just like the Remora fish that attach themselves to a shark to get some  left over crumbs of food, they also keep the shark clean.   Some experts maintain that if we didn't have certain parasites on the eye lids, etc., invasive germs and tiny insects might invade and hurt us !  There is so much to learn on Earth... and Bible experts claim that Heaven is place where we shall learn all the more!  It won't be boring.
     I may have posted about the time, a few years back that I became "Septic" [poisoned from infection and actually near death!]. So, for a month they VA Medical people [VAMC] in Iron Mountain, MI., in the U.P. -- Upper Peninsula-- that the State of Wisconsin sold to the State of Michigan... duh, shipped me to near by Powers, MI., a Rehab place and also old folks home.  I was plugged into a constant IV unit that unfused GALLONS of meds and antibiotics into my arm.   Ha!  I get sick just thinking about that time.  But they did save my life, about 6-7 years ago.   Anyhow, I studied and observed the Old People at that facility, eating the sub-standard food, and lack of Air Conditioning in the Summer time, but most of all their vegetative state of mind.  They just QUIT being happy, mind healthy humans.  But every Sunday at the Christian worship service, it was packed and I believe that they all had that firm hope and trust in HEAVEN and Jesus Christ.  In a sense, they were 'living in hell on earth' with no one to talk to -- or had the mental faculty, and desired death --- with a "good life on the other side." 
   Sadly, there are so many people on earth that know nothing of true happiness, but are surrounded by constant war, hunger, crime, hate and radical Islam in the Middle East.   We in the USA are so blessed, but our younger, History and Bible STARVED, "Millennials"  'Those who forget their History are condemned to repeat it.'   Usually, as people grow older and have children of their own.... wise up and grow more Conservative after their college learned dreams don't materialize... Ha!  I think we all knew that harsh reality.  Some of us grow up sooner than others.  For me, 'real life' sprang  upon me in Vietnam:  68-70.   The fact is:  If you don't learn the facts of life really quick,  you will soon be dead.   And then after you get home to the USA and/ or out of the Army/ Marines, your good survival discipline keeps on running, 24/ 7, and your civilian friends wonder about you.  And then, again, I guess that some folks adapt sooner than others after the fact.   I never, ever dreamed that I would be different...  but I got a good dose of PTSD, and didn't realize it.  But Father God and Jesus Christ "SAVED" me, and not a day goes by that I don't thank THEM.  
     Part of a Christian's thanks and service to God is to SHARE what we know with others, as best we can, with what ever "tools" we have.  We can never "Pay back" nor buy or earn our way into Heaven.  But God wants us to pray to Him and share our happiness and appreciation with other human beings.  Especially BEFORE the Rapture!  We just won't be around after, and the invitation won't be any good after a certain date.   I hope that you all get my meaning, today. 

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

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