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God's Judgment.

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Hello Friends and avid Readers,
     The subject of God's Judgment in the book of Revelation is very close to my heart and mind, and I frequently talk to others about it.   I confess that I miss visiting the local VAMC in Iron Mountain, MI., where I can talk to some of the Veterans there and staff, too.  It just makes me feel good inside, where I can "use my tools" that the Lord gave me to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, forgiveness and the Rapture, etc.  What a beautiful subject, picture in my mind... and something good that I can share amid all the pain and sorrow in present day America.   Who would have ever thought that we would all be hunkered down like this, hiding in our homes for weeks on end.  Those of us who are smart used some of that time to study the KJV Bible, instead of watching too much repeats on TV.   But at least I got outside to get the sun on my face and upper torso!  Mr. Sun is my personal friend... Ha!  The sun heals my body and mind.... similar to the REAL SON who heals my spirit and redeems me from the pains of hell! 
     Well, if nothing else, the horrible coronavirus makes us realize just how precious life on earth is, and how we can be struck down and our friends, too.  There has been too much death and pain in my own family last year, and that depresses me...  sorry.  But it also plays upon our conscience by making us think about all the times that we 'COULD HAVE WITNESSED' and shared the Gospel with those BEFORE our sibling and friends passed away. 
      OK, we know that we can never buy or work our way to heaven, but we should know what God wants us to do while living on earth.  Love God and keep His commandments.  Not the old Law of Moses, although we should know about them in Exodus, chapter 20.... but the New Commandment that Jesus gave His followers. 
      I can draw a comparison to be forced to study some 'dry material' like the Blue Sky Laws that we had to study before taking the Federal Securities exam [to market, sell, invest in Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds, in the stock market].  And I had to pay $75.00 back in the year 2000 [Y2K] to take that hard, 4 hour exam!  But reading and studying the Bible is exiting for me and I know how to make it 'come alive' and shout at us.  Thank You, Lord, for giving me the "gifts" of teaching and a good, long memory!   I guess I am just starting to forget some things now at age 71, but 'Iron sharpens Iron' and all the churches are closed for a while. 

Anyway, I have a glimmer of hope for the weeks and months ahead, to getting out and about soon, and wearing a covering over my mouth and nose.... and I think that even a bandana is better than nothing, these days.   But I do have an N-95 mask.  And I will try very hard never to buy anything from China, again!  And just think about the people trapped in that country who are 'underground Christians' --- where they can 'disappear' and be thrown in prison, and even cut up to harvest their organs and then left to die on the table.  It's no wonder why China has so many secret Christians who know and love the Bible and Jesus Christ, because they know that they will have a place in heaven if and when they die, or get Raptured!  What a grand hope.

I am looking forward to Monday, to call up the local VAMC and see if I can now get the surgery on my eyes to remove the cataracts that are clouding my vision.  I have dry eye challenges, too.  Please pray for me in that endeavor, dear friends.

And if you all think that our world is bad now, with that virus killing so many of our beloved older folks --- the Bible says that things WILL GET WORSE.  Now is the time to 'get with the program.'

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

Have you ever wondered why God's judgment falls on the earth with such devastating power during the book of Revelation? This week, on Hal Lindsey Presents, we investigate that question as we continue our journey through Revelation 15.

Revelation 15:5 speaks of "the temple of the tabernacle of testimony in heaven."

We will look at some of the many ways the tabernacle is a testimony. Who or what is it a testimony to? It's a testimony to Jesus Christ!

The tabernacle shows us the centrality of Christ's sacrifice on the cross. It shows that there is only one way to God and that is through the sacrifice of an innocent substitute for our sins. It speaks of atonement. It points forward to Jesus as the light of the world.

And wait until you hear about the only light that shone in the Holy of Holies! It's astounding!

On this program we will also talk about the Church, the rapture, and the tribulation. The Bible makes it clear that the Church does not go through the tribulation. We'll look at yet scriptural proof of this fact on this week's program.

And remember that the Bible pronounces a special blessing on those who study the marvelous book known as Revelation!

Please join me for this week's Hal Lindsey Presents. Look for it on Daystar, Sunday at 11PM Eastern Time. Or, you can watch it online anytime at or If you missed any episodes, you can catch up by visiting

God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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