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The Full Number !

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
Sometimes I wish that I could transfer my entire Blog posts onto paper, like a book!   It  would make a great "reference book" to help me, and others!   I do post some things for my own memory too, I hope ya'll know.   [Smile].  Because,  if in deed, "The Full Number" is truthful and accurate --- and I believe it is, that should/ would sound the clarion for all of us to work harder in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the earth !!    What say YOU ??   I am doing that to the best of my limited ability now days, with my Bible Tracts, mouth, and humble blog,  may God help me, please.   I always keep a few in my wallet, folded up and ready to whip out, along with any tip to people who help me, etc.  

As for the U.P. where we live,  I fear that the Fall/ Winter are coming TOO SOON, now, with cool air temps already here... Ha!    I love what the sun does to my skin, heals it so nice, etc.   Yup,  Everyone U.P. here grabs Summer firmly to squeeze every ray out of it, because it doesn't last that long, IMHO.   The cold Winters are long and harsh,  but these rugged Norsemen U.P. here are hearty and weather it well,  good, moral, Conservative, Christian people !  They are a kind, helpful, friendly, Patriotic breed, that I have come to love, and basically where my fine, beautiful wife, Terri, comes from.  
      Friends,   I well know that there has been plenty of "Fear-mongering" on-line, and even in the News lately, comments, and flash alerts, etc.   For what it's worth, I just stocked up again, with "Healing Herbs", from Nature's Way, and Vitacost, like Cinnamon,  Boswellia --  for Arthritis pain, etc.,  Fennel, Eyebright, Turmeric Extract, Etc.   I forgot to buy a few, like: Magnesium complex, for the heart and muscles, but I did remember, Lutein, for the eyes!

Two buddies from church had planned a special event this morning with me too, but it looks like RAIN, again...  80% chance, on Saturday...Ha!   It's so nice to have a few  friends with wooded land up here, etc.   But the mosquitoes U.P. here in the Summertime are fierce !!   The ones we had in Vietnam were sometimes an inch long and carried Malaria...the female species,   LOL.  
       I don't know if I "let the cat out of the bag,  but I recently got my  "Ethnicity Estimate" back with some surprising INFO !!   It's personal, but I can say that it's 98% European, with some "Trace Regions" strange inclusions....   but if you are a History buff and Geography and Bible guy, like I am,  it all makes good sense how peoples and tribes migrated thru different areas.    and we ALL came from Adam and Eve-- and then again from Noah, so it all makes sense to me.   Let's just say that there is a little Viking in me too.   My wife laughed at me...   But,  what does it even matter if you and me are children of the Most High God in the Universe ? ? ?   If we are "Saved" it does not matter one iota !  Which brings me to the main short article I just posted here.

Salvation was FIRST offered to the Jews, in Jesus' time, and that was the 'Grand Plan' from the beginning, right after Adam and Eve messed up, BIG TIME, in the Garden of Paradise!!   Two of the same rivers that ran thru that Paradise are still in existence, in modern day Iraq, I believe.   But the Jews refused Jesus' ransom blood sacrifice, so that God ripped it away from them and gave it / offered it to the Gentiles, and that time is fast ending.... until we are on the edge of that termination...  leading to the Rapture of Saints, right around the corner !!  Dear Friends and Readers,  RIGHT NOW is the time to climb on ship before the doors of the Ark are SEALED for good !   I just watched the movie:  Noah, last night, after I bought it from WalMart, and it wasn't that bad, although they did take too many liberties with the scriptures, as Hollywood always does.   The Genesis account says that only EIGHT HUMANS WERE SAVED ON/ INSIDE OF THE ARK [Ark simply means a chest, or oblong box].   But I am not going to ruin the movie for others.   I enjoyed it for what it was..  entertainment.  

My  Left leg/ shin wound is STILL slowly healing, much to my [and my Male RN, Steve, the VA Wound Specialist, in IM- VAMC] frustration !    He is trying everything under the sun to help me, and I am trying to obey his orders.    Thank You all, for your prayers and well wishes!   Please, also, pray for the recovery of my friend, George, the Aviator, with his bad knees--injuries, too.   The vast majority of MY friends, are looking forward to the Rapture !   If so, then WHY should we put any faith or trust in human efforts toward "Peace and Security ??"    Beyond personal defense, and property "protection", and storing up a few cans of pork and beans, dimes, water,  Imodium, Herbs, and quarters, etc.,   we ought to be placing our trust in the Lord !

See:   The Full Number.

Tom Schuckman

The Full Number

Q.  I have been studying the Book of Revelation lately and I believe it says somewhere in there I can’t find now about the full number coming in. It says when the full number of Gentiles are killed in Gods name is when the end will begin. Is this true? Are we waiting on a full number of people to die in Gods name for the rapture to happen?

A.  In Romans 11:25 Paul said the Jews have been hardened in part until the full number of Gentiles have come in. I interpret this to mean when the predetermined number of believers in the Church has been reached, the rapture will come, Israel’s eyes will be opened to God again, and Daniel’s 70th Week will begin.
In Rev. 6:11 God tells the first post Church martyrs to be patient until the number of their fellow servants to be martyred has been completed. Then He will avenge their blood.
It sounds like you’ve combined parts of these two verses into one.
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