Saturday, January 17, 2015


Tom's Journal.

Friends,  Sorry that the post I intended to cut and paste/ share did not materialize...   Sometimes I really think that 'the powers that be/ control' don't want me to post certain things that they disagree with.


It is not my intention to advertise for this or any other entity or company,  but I felt that the information was quite good and important to all of  you today, and just wanted to share.  I, and many experts feel that once the SHTF the price of silver and gold will shy rocket and be too expensive for the average man [including me] to buy/ invest!   In my own way, I consider myself a 'Prepper' and store some pure water in large barrels.  Too, the stuff that I store is only a "Stop-Gap" between NOW and the RAPTURE.  When we all get Raptured Up at the call of our Lord, Jesus Christ,  we won't CARE what we left behind, and God help our unbelieving family members who made the wrong choice to remain stupid and ignorant of the Word, the KJV Bible, and following the One and only true Savior, Jesus!   And that's the name of that game.   A great place that I trust to buy Precious Metals is:   Money Metals Exchange,  phone:  800-800-1865,    I trust these people and the service is very professional and good.   Most folks can't afford Gold, which is finally started to climb high, today at about $1300/ troy ounce,  but one once of Silver is now about $20 !    As things get worse in the good old USA, thanks to Obama and the Libs/ Dims,  the price of PM's will certainly climb too.  Never, but ever, tell anyone how much you have, buy, where you hide it, ever !!  Loose lips sink ships, and please never store your PM's at any bank or credit union, because the Gov't WILL take and steal it!  You can bet on that.   BTW,  best to buy and store:  Sugar, garlic powder, hydrogen peroxide, thermo underwear, a hand crank radio, unscented bleach, canned goods and pure water, etc. ! !  Sugar can be used to put over wounds to help them heal and keep germs out.   Buy things like booze to barter with and trade.  Learn a viable skill to trade for food or silver.  Just my humble advice.  

I am sorry to say that I cannot and do not trust Gov't, and the Republicans are no better than the Dims.   Let's see how bold they will be in this new year.   But the Bible is never wrong, and if it says that we WILL see a New World Order...  it WILL happen.  Only God Almighty can wipe this wicked planet clean and eliminate wickedness.   We are already teetering on total nation bankruptcy on a grand scale.   I am not looking forward to that, because I and my family will suffer too.   It is not wrong to prepare for hard times, pay off your debts, and hunker down.   I also hand out great Bible Tracts that explain Salvation thru Christ only, and what is to come in the NEAR future.   Hey!  I well know that I have 'played this record too often'  but I believe sharing the Gospel is of the most important thing a real Christian can do, besides Prayer.

Well,  2 more months of cold Winter, and I even wear gloves to bed!  Ha!  My wife likes the temperature very cool in the house...   lol.   I finally got the 4WD fixed in my truck for about $470.,  a new or rebuilt transfer case was needed, and now the truck grips the road U.P. here a lot better, and I feel more safe.  My broken ankle still hurts, but probably that will stay with me for ever, as long as I live.

Warm Regards,

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