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'Coca-Cola is a poison for kids' --- Tom Brady.

Tom's Journal.

    Time for me to 'come out of the closet'..... because I believe that I have an addiction to Cherry Coke soda pop.    It happens to be one of the few things able to soothe my hurtful stomach after taking all the 'wonderful VA medicines' every day, as many guys like me are older now, and just want to rest a bit after busting their butts for a long life time.    We have traveled and trekked over many countries, fought wars and battles, punched the clock---  working for the man, and paid off big bills, houses, autos, trucks, etc.,  and  just want our little place in the sun...  a happy, peaceful retirement.    You may have wondered just how some guys in movies wanted to desperately go on that last Cavalry charge after they were already wounded in the last charge.....  Well, perhaps they possessed the wisdom of getting old, achy, disabled and living with constant pain, PAIN, PAIN, every waking moment,  and many folks in the world do not have good Health / Medical  Insurance, coverage, even in the good old USA !    And what a terrible pity,  because other modern countries spend a lot less but have superior hospitals, coverage and doctors !   I have actually seen some wonders when I was in Germany, some 40 years ago !

I have been living on Alka-Seltzer for many years and have one every night before I go to bed.   This short News Item/ article really meant something to me,  because it struck a chord in my heart and had the 'ring of truth.'   When have we ever seen such FAT Children before in our life times ??    HFCF --- High Fructose Corn Syrup every single day just can't be good for a child !    And all this time the folks and the Gov't knew how bad GMO- foods were for us, too.    I used to think that poor, back ward countries were crazy when they refused our American GMO - based foods,  but now I understand that they were just turning down poison from reaching their own people.   Well,   when we do a little digging into the Agenda 21 plan,  the "Powers that Be" want to 'thin out the human race/ herd' anyway, and eliminate, "Useless Eaters" so that only the favored will survive.   And many of those so-called "Conspiracy Theories"  are for real !    Drugs and food all come into play, and doesn't the Gov't want all of us "Medicated" and 'Dumbed Down,' anyway .... along with dumbed down "education ??"  

And the one thing that can Save us, the KJV Bible [See: ] ---that tells about the Gospel of Jesus Christ is being persecuted with the American Gov't s approval,  but especially Islam !    Have we ever seen or heard of more hateful, violent people ?   And I thought that the war in Vietnam was evil, low down and dirty....   but Islam seems to be worse.  Just my humble opinion.   Of course,  I have the luxury of being retired, so I can do much research, study, and reading, and writing.  

Back in 1972,  I quite smoking all kinds of tobacco, etc., forever, and set a good example for my family, saved a few bucks $$$ over the years, and also never messed with 'Street Drugs.'   An d I have heard some of my old buddies say, ' Smoking is the only Vice I have left !  Leave me alone !'   But in the case of High Fructose Corn Syrup,  the evidence and modern technology are against it, just like smoking,  so what are you good folks going to do ?   Personally,  I will admit that giving up something I truly like will be a real PAIN, again.   Been there -- done that too.    And then when some of us older guys are missing a few teeth,  that also limits us from chewing fresh, raw, nutritious fruits and Veggies.   You know what.... the ONLY real Rye bread that I have found in the store is:   "Beef Steak Rye !"   Just read the labels.     that's how I found out,  because I am also supposed to stay away from Gluten...  Wheat flour,  although I do eat some.   

We need a "New Heavens, and a New Earth,"  just as God has promised.   Now you know why I am hoping for the Rapture,  but only in God's Due Time.... and Due Season.

Warm Regards,

Tom Brady: Coca-Cola “Poison for Kids”

Coca-cola contains high-fructose corn syrup linked to heart disease, obesity
Tom Brady: Coca-Cola "Poison for Kids"
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady called Coca-Cola “poison for kids.”
“You probably go out and drink Coca-Cola and think, ‘Oh yeah, that’s no problem,’” he said on the Dennis & Callahan Morning Show. “Why, because they pay lots of money for advertisements that think that you should drink Coca-Cola for a living?”
“No, I totally disagree with that and when people do that, I think that’s quackery, and just the fact that they can sell that to kids? That’s poison for kids.”
Regular coke does contains high-fructose corn syrup, which has been linked to a variety of health problems including high blood pressure and obesity.
“In the past 30 years, the obesity rates in the U.S. (and other fast-food nations) have absolutely sky-rocketed,” Natural Society’s Christina Sarich reported. “It isn’t even necessarily because we are eating more and lacking physical exercise, or even because of genetics.”
“Medical bills to treat diseases associated with obesity are more than $200 billion annually now; much of the obesity problem lies in food additives like fructose which food companies are so eager to put in their products.”
She also referred to a study revealing that fructose can cause uncontrolled growth of the heart muscle.
“This condition can eventually lead to complete heart failure, as the heart literally outgrows its ability to function within the body,” Sarich said. “What’s more, since one consumes fructose to cause this issue, they likely have high blood pressure as well, which is a one-two punch to the cardiovascular system.”
But Brady didn’t just attack coke: he also questioned whether Frosted Flakes is “actually a food.”
“You keep eating those things and you keep wondering why we do have just incredible rates of disease in our country,” the quarterback said.
Like Coca-Cola, Frosted Flakes also contains high-fructose corn syrup.
“Another reason to avoid fructose is that its most common form, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), is derived from genetically modified corn,” Sarich pointed out. “That means it was developed in a lab, not grown and milled before it ended up in your table.”
“The Center for Disease Control and Prevention weight gain data illustrates that our obesity epidemic accelerated dramatically after GMO foods were introduced in the early 1990s; it is estimated that more than 80% of everything eaten in the US now is genetically altered since Americans rely so heavily on processed foods for their daily calories.”
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