Saturday, September 26, 2015

God is "ALLOWING" these things to Come.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
    Have you ever thought that  you were intelligent enough and well schooled,  but someone else that you like to hang around with just 'says things better ??'     Well,  that's how I feel about Jan Markell, and her weekly update:  "Understanding the Times."   She really lays it out there,   nice and simple !

I am feeling a bit better today and things have calmed down.... and I am so happy right now with peace of mind.   I think all my friends and readers like me better when I am not so 'stressed out' and in a 'defense mode.'   Little Mercies and Grace from the Father in Heaven are so welcome in our every day madness.    When I am in a better, well adjusted mood [PTL],  I tend to help other people as much as I can, in different ways.   I am sorry if I keep repeating myself or using some "Mantra" --- like "study your KJV Bible every day, and reach out and touch someone with the Gospel and Salvation."   But for me, it's like an anchor and heavy duty rope that is tied to a secure mooring or dock, with armed Soldiers guarding things in all corners.
       I'll tell you all something strange that goes on in a war...  Amid all the fighting in the field every day with strike missions written every early morning in the "Flight Platoons" barracks, the Sargent and the planners write with a 'grease pencil' on a large mission board, all the different flights and missions for that day, with names and ships [helicopters].   So we looked  at that hurriedly as we sometimes squeezed in some nasty Army breakfast and then walked or road to the Flight Line to prepare for take off, getting guns and ammo ready and inserting everything into/ on your scheduled ship [a term we used to mean a Helicopter]  A ship is a "Vessel" that CARRIES something or someone.   But every night or late after noon when we all came home [alive] we either took a shower [if it worked] or went to the EM Club for a few beers, to chill out and unwind, or have a small steak grilled outside the Bar, for one dollar.   Remember we didn't earn all that much money in those days of:  68-70.  As Sp/ 4, I drew something like $409/ month, take home ...  so rank meant more money !     But when I got out of the Army in 1970,  $20 could buy 4 bags of groceries and feed us for a week !  Smile.   My point is:   When we all got back to our base / or post in Vietnam, we could rest assured that we had relative PEACE and Safety !!  Of course the VC could fire rockets and mortars at us anytime they wanted, or felt safe, but perhaps you all get the idea.  Well, that was OUR war, so people said,  but a Soldier only follows Orders that big wheels in Congress order.    Some things never change.  

Another huge point that I want to make today is:  'That God "ALLOWS" things to happen, and for a reason !'    God doesn't get any pleasure in seeing his people get killed, maimed, hurt, hunted and tortured.   The fake in the WH COULD do so much to help, save, alleviate the wholesale slaughter of Christians and other victims in the Middle East ! !   Not to worry,  he and all his ilk will surely be accountable to God in the long run.   And yes, it takes real guts to be a Christian now days !   But it's worth the effort if you understand what the Biblical Heaven is.   Not 70 virgins !   Just think of all the holes in that 'belief,'   what kind of Paradise do those 70 virgins get...  duh?   Are women to be treated like cattle and only for a man's pleasure?  God gives the females love, respect, kindness and the husband is supposed to love and cherish them.   Just read the book of Ephesians.  

Warm Regards,

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How Much Closer Are We Now?
By Jan Markell
September 22, 2015
We hear so much about "converging signs" today.  The Bible speaks about end-time signs that will increase like birth pangs near the end. I think we have passed the birth pang process, frankly.  

As a popular TV preacher said, "We're no longer in Kansas, nor the Land of Oz." Like Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz", we're looking around and seeing that everything is different. Everything we once took for granted and considered normal has been fundamentally transformed and usually not for the better.

But God is allowing it all, even if He isn't orchestrating chaos, as He is not a God of chaos. 

Have you noted recent major stories and how they confirm the words of those of us saying that things aren't falling apart, they are falling in place. Stories like . . .
  • Russia and Iran co-operating and conspiring (Ezekiel 38-39).
  • Gog is stirring. Russia has been relatively quiet for decades, but now Vladimir Putin is on the move.
  • With ISIS marching towards Damascus, Syria is begging Israel to fulfill Isaiah 17.
  • The United Nations, Barack Obama, the Pope, and many more, are clamoring for global government (Revelation 13).  All of these men may have interesting assignments in the kingdom of Antichrist.
  • Because of the increase of wickedness, love is growing cold. (Matthew 24:12) Can you say Planned Parenthood? Have we returned to those predicted "days of Noah" where such evil as this was rampant? (Matthew 24:37)
  • How about those "perilous times" (II Timothy 3)? Who other than deluded, power-drunk men and women, would give billions of dollars and nuke capacity to the mullahs who want to bring international chaos on the world so their Mahdi can return? Why would Westerners give such power to ayatollahs who want to ignite EMPs above the free world and send us back to the 1800s? Does the Mad Hatter rule?
  • Yet world leaders are crying in a Chamberlain-esque manner, "peace and safety!" (I Thess 5:3) They are calling evil good (Isaiah 5:20). Lighting the spark for Armageddon is good. Wiping out Israel is good. Making Iran the Mid East power is good. Allowing mad mullahs to mount nukes on their ICBMs, aimed at Western capitals, is good. This is leading to world peace! And the world will be one. Strong delusion!
  • Europe is imploding. Barack Obama has dismantled America. The world is fundamentally transformed, thus it is awaiting a man, somewhere in the shadows, known as the Antichrist. He will  make things right, turn darkness into day, re-distribute wealth, and more. As Paul Henri Spaak, former Secretary General of NATO, said of a future "Mr. Fix-It," if he could lift us out of an economic morass, "be he god or devil, we will receive him." Note the adoration of Pope Francis. This is a foreshadowing. He is warranting the largest security effort in U.S. history. You would think he represents the Second Coming.
  • Apostasy is so bad in many churches that people no longer attend church (II Timothy 4:3).
  • The predicted evil is rising (II Timothy 3). The Hindu goddess Khali was beamed onto the Empire State Building a month ago. Perhaps she is the new matriarch of America, replacing our founders' dream of a God-inspired America.
  • And ALL nations are having "distress with perplexity" (Luke 21:28). ALL nations have dilemmas for which there are simply no solutions which is the meaning of "distress with perplexity".
I could go on and on but you get the point. We can't let breaking news interpret the Bible but we can see that a newspaper in one hand and a Bible in the other is complimentary. This doesn't have to be newspaper exegesis.
Scripture says that when we see these things BEGIN to  happen, we are to lift up our heads and know that our redemption draws nigh. That BEGAN to happen in 1948 with the re-birth of Israel. How much closer are we now?

Everyone who is watching the signs of the times has a sense of urgency. A sense that there is a countdown. A sense that things are not the same and will never be the same again.  
And we don't have a yellow brick road that leads to a fantasy-land where all the good times will resume, but we do have our Heavenly Home where all things are perfect.
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Jan Markell

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