Thursday, January 23, 2020

Gov. Northam-- Bad Company.

Tom's Journal.

Jan 16, 2020 3:00 PM – Jan 23, 2020 2:00 PM

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Hello Friends and Gentle Readers,
   No matter what happens on God's green Earth, the goofy liberal-Socialist Dems never cease to amaze me -- and most other Conservative folks in the USA who know the score.  Allow me to let you peek into our minds for a moment... along with some of my personal musings. 
     The way I see it,  IF you were born into a middle class or 'working class family' in the good old USA, we were all taught to never, ever steal, but to work hard, save hard, pray hard, and invest in the smart things that would give us a pretty good chance of 'getting ahead in life.'  We would never want to tarnish our good family name, work record, school record, Military record, because that would 'set us back' from our goals in life.  Life is more than just finding a pretty girl or a handsome guy to start a family with.  Our school guidance councilors pointed out to us just what we needed to study, what school courses we had to take in order to succeed in getting the job vocation or profession that we wanted.   Our teachers wanted us to succeed in life, too.  Later on in life as different winds blew my/ our way and sometimes the hand of God moves us where HE wants us to go, we end up doing and living in a totally different place, doing something radically different from what we dreamed of, or planned.  In fact, when true Christians are involved the Holy Spirit actively moves us on the "Right Path" for our own good.  'Chance' actually has little to do with our circumstance... the more we learn when studying God's Word!  And there are many ways to serve the Lord. 

We all have "Gifts" and talents bestowed upon us, but too many of us don't use those given gifts or we misuse them.  Those of us who are blessed with godly, bible-educated parents can really benefit so as to not waste our time, effort, money, resources, etc.  And then if we allow our hearts [Jeremiah 17: 9] to be swayed by the devil, or foolish desires, or opportunists, we find ourselves getting old without fulfilling any of our earlier dreams/ wishes... or worse. 

JEREMIAH 17:9 KJV "The heart [is] deceitful above all ...
Jeremiah 17:9 Context. 6 For he shall be like the heath in the desert, and shall not see when good cometh; but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, in a salt land and not inhabited. 7 Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is.

Friends,  please don't take my words the wrong way, but suppose we delve into the animal kingdom and farming for instance...  If we are raising a particular, special breed of dog, horse, cattle that takes 'generations' to perfect and separate.  We want to screen off, guard, protect the female species so that only the 'desired sire' be bred to produce the correct offspring.  Now, of course we are not breeding cattle or dogs, but we do want our sons and daughters to marry CHRISTIAN, KJV Bible educated young people to at least give our progeny a fighting chance!  First Corinthians 15:33,  'Bad company corrupts good character.' [1st Cor. 15:33]  Now, just being in the company of 'good companions/ or a good spouse' doesn't guarantee a harmonious, blessed life, but it certainly helps and raises the likelihood of success.  And if your 'dog runs with other dogs with fleas and ticks,' guess what you can expect?  So much of the Bible is really good common sense, especially when we read the books of Proverbs, Psalms, Eccl., etc. 

I didn't want to turn this blog post into something political, but the local News is just 'full of it' right now, and it's the 'Dems' who are carrying all the fleas and ticks, also full of lies, but that doesn't mean the other political parties are pure and innocent either.  But just check out the recent track record, please.
     So when good, honest, hard working folks invest in survival 'tools' and resources such as firearms, ammo, and other hardware, they surely don't want to misuse them to lose their Freedoms or get incarcerated, fined, hurt or killed.  But we are prepared for illegal insurrections, riots, violence, rape and robbery from/ by those who never worked, saved nor invested for the future!   Many of them have pissed away their money, time, resources and then become jealous of those who have worked harder-- who appear to have more, especially in our common era.  

It's been that way for many even in the land of the free -- the home of the brave.  Our heavenly Father is a God of order.  We Conservatives don't 'live by the sword,' but neither are we afraid of it.  We also know that in these 'End Times' we can expect things to turn ugly, even governments to turn ungodly and lawless [in our own near future, perhaps, after the good Conservatives might be thrown down... who knows]--- stealing from the masses when mismanagement of the Gov't is rife..... also persecuting the Jews and Christians!  But then at the same time, when we see these times come upon us -- we know that our deliverance is near, and we shall embrace the Rapture!  If fact, I tell many people that it wouldn't bother me one bit if the Rapture came tonight! 
   Indeed, I admit that I am far from perfect, but I know that I am "Saved." 

The roads and highways U.P. where we live are snow covered, and slippery!  Be careful and slow down.
   I met a new VA staff worker today, Nick Raboin, DC., a Chiropractor, who helped me to feel better today at the Iron Mountain, MI., VAMC.  He remembered seeing me at a local church near here, so we had something to talk about, and I told him to check out my humble Blog/ Journal.   I plan to see him again to get more great treatment.  My bones and muscles are so pained... and every little bit of help is appreciated.  Praise the Lord.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

Here is a pic of me in 1989 --> 



Don’t know why I didn’t think such sharpshooters would be used by the state.  A very potentially explosive event lends itself for a false flag.

Watch armed government snipers on rooftops in Richmond, overlooking the “kill zone” of unarmed, peaceful citizens

The video channel on Brighteon known as “Watchmen Incorporated” has posted this eye-opening video, showing the armed government snipers in rooftop positions, ready to fire upon the kill zone cage that was set up by Gov. Northam on the grounds below.
It’s clear from multiple sources and a vast array of evidence that Democrats were planning to carry out a mass slaughter of innocents, but their plans were derailed by the overwhelming number of law-abiding citizens who showed up and began filming everything in sight.

Watch this video to fully understand the plan that gun-grabbing Democrats have for America. Yes, they want to put you in a kill box and mass murder you from rooftop overwatch positions.

In effect, Gov. Northam deployed snipers in a Las Vegas-style tactical position to fire upon the crowd, and he made sure the crowd was entirely unarmed and unable to fire back once the shooting began.
Gov. Ralph Northam is a criminal traitor and should face arrest by the DOJ for his actions in Virginia. And that doesn’t even count his complicity in baby murder, for which he will be judged by God if not the people of Virginia much sooner.