Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Food for Thought.

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     I had 3 different guys come to my door this morning @ 0900.   One was the TV- Cable guy to add on HBO, and that took a while.  The next gentleman was my Oxygen man who checked out my machine to make sure it was running OK, and the 3rd was a FedEx man, delivering something that I order, on-line a few days ago.
        I am a 'morning person,' so I go to bed early and get up early, and so I am kind of 'regimented' and "Old School" Army -- get to work on time, sort of guy.  
     I remember working for a Welding Company in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA, when I was laid-off from Chrysler in the 1990's, and a team of us were sent thru the city of Milwaukee, WI., and we noticed that the "North side of Milwaukee" where 'nothing was stirring, no movement, no traffic, just dead and sleepy time....  LOL.     Well,  it was the poor side of town where those kind of folks  mainly lived on "Welfare and Food Stamps" with many fatherless children.    You see.... when so many minority girls in their early teen age years get pregnant --- they know full well that the State will pay them MONEY $$$$$ and Benefits, so they don't have to worry too much,  plus housing, heat, etc.   Now,  that's not being a racist,  but just telling the facts of real life in the big city !!   We have Stats to back up what we say !!   So.... now in America,  we have more people on Welfare and Food Stamps than those who are actually WORKING to support the lazy folks who REFUSE to work !!   Sorry if this offends you,  but our great country might COLLAPSE because of this crap !

The workers in this country and the Middle Class have carried the burden of Illegal Aliens and Democrats for too long,  and we are bone tired of that injustice,  so we elected Mr. Donald Trump.   Now that he is President, he wants  to move quickly to carry out his campaign promises  ---  but the Dims- Liberals, are doing everything in their power to stone wall him, and slow him down !!   But the majority of good Americans who voted for him need to support our good POTUS any way that we can.   
       Why don't we put our heads together to think up proper ways to help and support POTUS !   OK !  We now need to call and email our Congress people so they can get on the stick and get things rolling in the right direction,  NOW !   Any other suggestions,  please email them to me and I will post them here !
     Email:   tschuckman@aol.com 

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

Immigration posters-Food for thought
Captures where we are with the logic of the left. Nowhere. 
Ok really?? They entered the country illegally-- that is their crime! If a US citizen enters someone's house it's called breaking & entering (even if the door is unlocked), what the difference here? Doesn't matter who they are or their reason, they have committed their first crime in the US by entering the country without proper documentation.:

                          HOLY INSANITY, BATMAN!
Lol true go back if you can't be happy to be in America:
Basically the libtards we're in on the overthrow of our country for payoffs!:
And he was an absolute idiot....but better than obastard and his demodipshits!:
Here you go Liberals, ... have at it ! The FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and Joint Chiefs of Staff-Pentagon all say that of the "Syrian" refugees  allowed into our country, that ISIS WILL-BE-IN-THAT-POPULATION of refugees, estimated at 10% of that population ... it's not worth the risk !!!:
If Dems thought Illegals would vote GOP, they'd be gone faster than Ebola:
We owe illegals absolutely nothing. They have no right to come before our veterans, legal immigrants, and Americans.:
If they have no love for the USA and no respect for our laws, they certainly have no right to come here!:
Many terrorists have masqueraded as 'refugees' or 'migrants', but the plan of the Left is to drag down America, hence, they're welcome.:
These foreign soldiers are entering our country by the thousands. Thanks, Obama, you un- American, treasonous, bastard.:
I don't want them here.:
That's what the government tells us.:
10-illegal-alien-facts.jpg (426×619):
Mazie Hirono - She's a Buddhist, Asian woman immigrant and a member of the U.S. Senate:
Why Muslim German Rapist would be welcome in Texas |POLITICALLY INCORRECT CARTOONS:

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